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Past 3 months...
The last time I blog was almost 3 months ago :O and during that time sooo many things had happened. Where do I start with my recounting? Sigh, if it wasn't for my laziness then this wouldn't had happen.

Well to start off, I changed my blog layout! It's an old one that has been previously used by my old blog but Lee Joon is just so sexy so I decided to use it again.

A big change that impacted on my life is I got a JOB. So one day in February, I decided to search for jobs again in the local newspaper as I had given up after being constantly rejected. There I saw an ad for the position of a receptionist at a real estate. Giving it a go and submitting my resume, I was called in for an interview and was supperr excited because I was finally given the opportunity to be hired.

A few days before the interview, went Target shopping and bought some pants (because I do not own any work pants) and prepared my outfit for the interview. The day came and I stepped into the office, was really nervous and tried to calm myself down. The door opened and my interviewer invited me in... it was a woman.

In my head, I was hoping that she is nice and not intimidating at all. I sat down on the chair and we TALKED. It was the most carefree interview ever, with no interview questions! We just converse with each other and in the end she really liked me and HIRED ME!!! YAY :D
What did happen was that I forgot to bring my resume, but she was really nice about it and told me to email it to her again and then she thought I could do part time. Unfortunately, because of uni commitments it's impossible to do that and I could only do casual. Thankgod she re-assured me that she will be happy to give me just 1 day and that she will still hire me.

O-week of Uni came and I received a call from my manager. She called me in to work and ever since then I am working for them.

I love work.

Overall, work is great. It's one of the best things that happened in my life and I am very lucky to get this job. However, it also turned me into more of a shopaholic but I am trying my best to manage that.

And that shopping craze will be shown in my next post.