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Australia Day
Australia Day must mark my first HORRIBLE DAY of 2011! Ever since this year, I had never had a shitty day until the 26th.

The day started off positive. Family went to Homebush to the pools with another family and I wanted to stay home because its boring to go alone and I had a feeling that they will go over to their house.

Had the house for myself but was left two chores. My WORST NIGHTMARE. Mopping the whole house myself and the dishes. Yes it sounds like nothing but to me its A LOT. Really.... I don't do much at home. Mopping alone todays marks the second time in my life as I had always dried and dishes .... (sigh) is not my thing. Dishes was ok I guess but I don't like mopping myself. So I decided to eat breakfast first then do it.

Made pasta for myself, the pasta in those packets and ate it. While watching TVB and sipping on juice, I finally did the chores nearly at 1pm.... During the time before and during cleaning, I felt really upset because something happened (sigh) It was fate for things to turn out like this so I guess being upset was stupid ..... oh wells

After doing all the chores, I went to take a shower and came out and ate again. Finished the rest of the pasta and napped because I was soooo tired.... I was tired even before cleaning (sigh) I day to myself would mean that I get to relax as in find enjoyment in what I'm doing but I slept. Woke up and watched TVB.

Made instant noodles at night because family wasn't home yet and I was greeted by this BIG coach roach. I squealed and ran for my life. It was sooo scary (sigh)

Then it wanted to thunderstorm and there will be all these crazy winds and sound for a long time but it died down and never thundered.

Also my neighbour was arguing and man I heard like loud voices, glass? broken etc. It was on and off and it happened again at 11:11pm my favourite NUMBER


Then I became bored after TVB so everything was much worst and just feeling down and upset.

So here goes to my shitty day because my mood was sooo fucked up.

With love,

Very late post
Well .... suppose to write this up ages ago but I didn't get the chance to until now.

I wanted to blogged about some of my interest :D

(EDIT: this was suppose to be for 2 days ago XD)

and what's up first is some things that I want in my dream/future wedding.

1. An engagement ring + wedding band from Tiffany & Co.
Well of course the fact that my love one gives me any ring and I would be happy because the thought counts but it would be an extra bonus of happiness for me if its Tiffany & Co.

Below are some engagement rings with wedding bands and these are around 2-2.5 carat

2. A Vera Wang Wedding Dress.
The dresses are so gorgeous with beautiful material used and the designs are just beautiful! I would love to be married while being in them.

Here are some designs:

3. Christian Louboutin Bridal Shoes.
My favourite shoe designer. His shoes are just so damn SEXY with his signature red bottom and I just love his designs.

4. Walk down the aisle accompanied by the tune of Pachelbel Canon in D.
A live performance of the song would be awesome :)

5. Have the ceremony at a place where the nature is beautiful, peaceful and quiet.

Another Interest I am into is cooking. I'm so excited to cook/learn in the future :). What I really want is to learn some of my mum's cooking after the HSC XD

I want to learn how to cook from my mum:
- Pho
- Curry
- This particular steam fish and stuffed fish that I really like and for me its really rare for me to like fish because I hate it
- Some chicken dishes
- Congee
- Spaghetti (can never remember how she makes it)

and some other dishes but I can't think of them atm

I also want to learn techniques on how to spot fresh ingredients and different type of fishes etc.

I had even been collecting recipes off the internet and catalogues and filing them. The sites that I had only been on so far is Wollies (still on this one) and Weight Watchers with tips on how to use certain stuff.

And with cooking I'm so into Bento Lunches. They are soooo cute and adorable. Its just inspirational seeing the way how people create such interesting lunches hahhaha I will definitely try making them in the future. I really want to buy the whole kit and everything as well :D

Heres a blog that I found in which she makes Bento and below are some of her lunches :D THey are sooo cute and she even says on her blog what she uses and how too

LINK: http://mybentolunch.com/

One of my favs. Look at the chicks created from the eggs! >_<>

This one is another favourite as well its OSOO CUTE

The flowers were made from egg yolk with food colouring

And isnt this COOL. THE ICECREAM CONE is an egg that is dyed in colour and carve into a CONE!

With love,

RECAP ....
(sigh) its already so close to the end of holidays and I am getting lazier and lazier by the day.

Today my whole family went to Jamberoo with other families and I wanted to stay home so that I can be by myself and go tutor, which I ended up gigging because it was sooo hot and I CBB. They all left at 8:30am and I had the house to myself. I was up for another hour on my bed, drifty sleeping and surfing the net.

- Showered, brush teeth etc at 9:30ish
- Came out at 10 and made breakfast which was Cheese Toast
- Went on the computer to download dramas
- Went on mac again and skype :D and reserach about this serial killer named John Wayn Gacy
- Play Prison Break Season 2 around 11 something
- 3:00pm still watching Prison Break
- Around 5 went to bring in the clothes from outside
- Continued watching Prison Break
- 6 something family came home
- we ate dinner, rice with some dishes and cooked up 2 small crabs to eat since Dad went to catch some with a friend yesterday night

So to sum up my day hahahah I spent my day just watching Prison Break (sigh) My day just goes by so fast (sigh). Well I'm not motivated to do anything till its school and then I will be working my ass off.... hopefully


LOVE THIS VIDEO! MY MBLAQ IS SOOOO CUTE especially Lee Joon and G.O such dorks hahhaha

.... to be continued one day

With love,

My Starsign :)

Sagittarius and Independence:

Independence is Sagittarius' principle, they crave adventure and excitement and welcome change with open arms. Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher and the explorer, they will go as far as road will go and explore every corner thoroughly in their ever eternal search for wisdom. Freedom is so important to Sagittarius that they will actually make decisions based on the amount of freedom that is given by the choice they have made, as a result, sometimes a good opportunity is turned down because of it's high commitment need, but this is their choice so it is a good choice for them.

Sagittarius and Friendship:

Sagittarius make excellent friends because of their encouraging, positive nature and their kind heart that will do anything to make sure the friend is happy. They do not expect favors in return, their kindness is selfless. They do not interfere with other people's plans and they are never possessive or jealous. They treat others the way they want to be treated and life life based on a 'live and let live' policy, this makes them so agreeable. Sagittarius are excellent conversationalists with a good sense of humor, sometimes their humor is the raw truth, but these people speak their mind and don't hold anything back. What they say is what they mean, Sagittarius do not like mind games, it holds them back trying to figure out what is meant, they like straightforwardness and expect it in return. Sagittarius are known for saying the 'painful truth', but on the other hand, people know that they can trust what they say because they always say what is real. A Sagittarius never hides anything. Sagittarius are very likeable people. The only people that might not get along with them are people that live by a daily agenda with a highly structured, organized life. They are likely to always be running late and miss a date, but this is only because they are so forward thinking that they forget about the present. Tolerance is required, Sagittarius does not do these things on purpose, this is just who they are. If you understand this and accept this, having a Sagittarius in your life will make the sun shine a lot brighter.

Sagittarius and Temperament:

Sagittarius are not emotional moody people, in fact they can be downright emotionally detached but they do get irritable when they are bored. Sagittarius is optimistic and positive, even deep inside because they believe that no matter what has happened, something good is always around the corner and the sun will always shine again.

Sagittarius Deep Inside:

Sagittarius is a well adjusted person with no emotional problems holding them back. They just want to explore the world and not fret about emotions and feelings. Others may be hurt by their lack of commitment but they don't care, that's not why they are on this planet, they are here to gain wisdom, learn and explore. Sagittarius has problems finishing some projects they started if it takes too long, they want immediate results and will move on to the next project if it takes too long. This is not because of laziness, Sagittarius are far from lazy but this motivation to move on is due to their hatred of boredom. Boredom is their fear and instead of facing it, they will up and leave in search of something more stimulating. Sagittarius are not emotional people but they are easily hurt by a careless selfish action, their will be blue but turn it around pretty quickly with their naturally sunny disposition. They don't dwell on hurt because it is a waste of their energy.

Sagittarius in a Nutshell:

Sagittarius seem to be guided by luck, good things happen to Sagittarius and this is usually because of their optimistic outlook and positive disposition which attracts good fortune. Despite hardships, Sagittarius is always optimistic that good things will happen tomorrow and the future carries good luck. Sagittarius have a vibrant, expansive personality that is free like a bird, Sagittarius cannot be contained. They are full of curiosity and they always look forward to the future, never dwelling on the past. Sagittarius are detached from emotions because emotions hold a person back, they do not like to talk about their feelings, they simply experience them and move on. Sagittarius can be reckless and irresponsible because they will jump at a suggestion of something new before they weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

What it's Like to Date a Sagittarius Woman:

She has a great attitude and always seems to be on the go. Sagittarius woman is for the man with lots of energy and creativity. She likes unconventionality and change, so whisk her away last second to somewhere unplanned and uncharted and she will remember you forever. In order for her to stay, you have to keep her happy. If she gets unhappy or bored, she won't bother to fix any problems, she will just walk out and never look back. Fortunately, it is not that difficult to keep her happy. Be her friend, she does not take love to seriously anyway, if you are her companion, love will blossom after that. Let her have her freedom, flirt with her and take the relationship slowly, do not rush her. Be truthful, genuine, positive and adventurous and never play mind games. The lucky man will not only have a wonderful fun relationship but an adventurous companion as well.

How to Attract Sagittarius:

Talk to them, ask them questions about themselves, share stories, make them laugh, but do not pry into intimate details about their life. Keep your emotional distance and they will be attracted to you. Easy. Suggest an outdoor date, something wild and wacky like floating on a boat down the river then having a picnic by the riverside, anything. They love activities. These are the easiest people to get a date with but don;t think that this is written in stone, they are the biggest commitment phoebe of all zodiac signs. Enjoy the time you've spent with Sagittarius and be prepared to move on or at least share them with others because they will be doing the same. All in good fun.

Sagittarius Erogenous Zone:

The thighs are very sensitive, tickle the inner thigh or nibble lightly on the skin. Incorporate thigh stroking into foreplay and you will have ignited their fire.

Sex With Sagittarius:

Sagittarius like to explore, same with their sexual encounters. They are the people most likely to have outdoor sex, or risque sex encounters. They are champions of one-night-stands because it feels good and you don't have to worry about the other person being clingy afterwards! With Sagittarius, anything goes, squeamish and conservative need not apply!

Favourite Disney Movies
Im bored so im going to blog about my favourite Disney movies :) that I had watched, in order from its Year shown. (UGGH THIS WAS SUPPOSE TO BE BEAUTIFIED WITH PICS BUT THEN IT KEPT STUFFING UP SO I GAVE UP and I had to fiz the text 3 times now sigh and this was yesterday's post)

1. Alice in Wonderland 1951, Alice in Wonderland 2010
1951 is the best version ever until the 2010 came which was even better. Classic vs Modern. Love them both as they tell the fairytale in interesting and unique ways.

2. Sleeping Beauty 1959
The best classic fairytale made. The singing, the costumes, the prince and princess and fairies are all wonderful and beautiful. One of my most favourite fairytale of ALL TIME

3. The Little Mermaid 1989
Who wouldn't love Ariel the mermaid with her friends (can't remember which fishes) who transforms into a human to meet her man after a dangerous deal with the evil lady. Love everything about this movie.

4. Beauty and the Beast 1991
Belle is so pretty with her gold gown. I love love love this movie. ITS SO AWESOME and the clock, candle and teapot and cups are so cute.

5. Aladdin 1992
Oh I love Aladdin and Jasmine. Such a beautiful couple >_<. "A whole new world" a song that will always portray this great movie.

6. Hocus Pocus 1993
I love this movie. So enjoyable with the 3 witches who are sisters and all have different traits.

7. The Lion King 1994
Watched this sooo long ago that I don't remember much of the movie. I have to rewatch this again.

8. Pocahontas 1995
My FAVOURITE. I love it when she sings to the willow tree? Such a courageous girl.

9. Toy Story 1995, Toy Story 2 1999, Toy Story 3 2010
The TOY STORY SERIES! I love especially the first and last one was the best. Everything about it is so awesome and the storyline engages the audience, not to mention the cute characters like Mr and Mrs Potato Head.

10. 101 Dalmatians 1996, 102 Dalmatians 2000
PUPPIES so adorable. I loved this movie.

11. Hercules 1997
MY FAVOURITE HERO HERCULES.... he is so hot and the chick is pretty as well. I love the world of Roman? Gods or is it Greek can't remember but I just love this movie.

12. Mulan 1998
Mulan the girl who fought in war instead of her father and eddie murphy as the dragon made this movie so funny and enjoyable.

13. The Parent Trap 1998
A classic of Lindsy Lohan movie as a child. I love this movie. Simple and a classic.

14. A Bug's Life 1998
Can't remember much but it was a very cute movie.

15. Tarzan 1999
Tarzan in the jungle hhahaha with his signature noises.I can't remember the storyline though.

16. The Princess Diaries 2001, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement 2004
I love this series of Anne Hathaway. Its sooo cute and she is always looking gorgeous.

17. Monster, Inc. 2001
THE LITTLE GIRL sooo cute when she gives the monsters some love. Love this movie.

18. Lilo and Stitch 2002
The fun blue creature who is Lilo's pet. I love everything about these two.

19. The Lizzie McGuire Movie 2003
Rome... Trevar Fountain,turning into a superstar... Love Hilary Duff's acting in this when she is all nice and young. A classic.

20. Finding Nemo 2003
hhahaah Love this movie with its characters and plot ... very adorable and fun to watch.

21. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 2003, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 2006, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 2007
I LOVE PIRATES AND JOHNNY DEPP hahhahah this series is so AWESOME. The plot is amazing and interesting and Captain Jack Sparrow will always be my favourite character of all times.

22. Freak Friday 2003
Mother vs Daughter. A very classic movie

23. The Incredibles 2004
Superhero family! Never watched this properly but I enjoyed the movie.

24. National Treasure 2004, National Treasure: Book of Secrets 2007
NICHOLAS CAGE. God I love that man. He is such a great actor and the movies he stars in are always top notch. LOVE THIS ACTION series.

25. The Pacifier 2005
hahhaha A family classic of a big man with kids! Very funny movie. 26. Herbie: Fully Loaded 2005 Car movie .... I love herbie so cute and innocent

27. Chicken Little 2005
The chicken with the glasses and is very smart

28. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 2005, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian 2008
FANTASY. Love this series although the second one was ok. Its very long and everything but I love the Lion and the kids as well

29. Meet the Robinsons 2007
My favourite of all times... everytime I watch this I would cry (sigh) I love this movie

30. Ratatouille 2007
Cooking rat hahhahh its a movie thats very different and I love it

31. Enchanted 2007
I LOVE THIS MOVIE .... its sooo cute and sweet hahhaha I love it

32. Bolt 2008
Bolt the dog... don't remember much but I liked the storyline

33. The Princess and the Frog 2009
The first princess that is not WHITE hahhaha its an OK movie ... compare to the other fairytales not as good but its pretty decent

34. The Sorcerer's Apprentice 2010
I LOVED THIS MOVIE it was soooo awesome hahhaha and another Nicholas Cage movie too. Made me cry but I loved this movie.

35. Tangled 2010
I LOVE THIS MOVIE hahhahah its one of the best fairytales out there that is modern. I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. I LOVE IT... sooo recommend this to everyone

Still need to watch
- Cars
- Bedtime Stories
- Race to Witch Mountain
- Up
- G-Force
- Around the World in 80 Days
- Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Want to watch
- Mars Needs Moms 2011
- Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 2011
- Cars 2 2011
- Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World 2011
- Enchanted 2 2011
- National Treasure 3 2011
- Monsters, Inc. 2 2012
- Iron Man 3 2013

( note to self: these are from wikipedia = unreliable source)

With love,

13th of January



I love everybit of their performance especially in Cry when the chorus comes up and as soon as they knee down... bursts of water comes out = total hotness

and in Stay when Thunder and Mir rap together is sooo hot.

MY LEE JOON sooo SMOKING HOT with his hair, makeup, sleek movements, killer expressions and voice

All of their vocals had improved so MUCH. I LOVE IT


The fan chants are very loud and supportive.


hhahahahha I can't stop watching it and spazz over their hotness.

Heres the performance:

And also SECRET WON THEIR FIRST AWARD for their comeback and Im so happy for them. I think this is their first one since debuting? not sure but IM SO HAPPY FOR THEM. The girls totally deserved it and I hope they can win a few more on the way. Watched their clip of winning and it was so cute for them to be overjoyed and cry like that :) very adorable

hmmmm today. Today for me was a very very good day hhahahah INSANE I must say, muddling up my mind and my actions (sigh). LOVED it and will never forget it.

With love,

Plantar Wart
FINALLY today went to the doctor's to get my Plantar Wart treated, since I had it for a couple of months and it got worse. Its located under my big toe and it started to bruise and swell around the wart because of the virus.

Went to Cabra doctor since my Fairfield one was on holidays and I waited for more than an hour and a half before being treated... man I was sooo terrified because my mum had one similar too and she got it burnt and she tells me how it hurts when the injection goes in so it numbs ur toes so it can be burnt to the flesh ..... god I was sooo worried...

My mum asked if he's going to inject anything and at first he said no but since I wanted it he did it for me..... Closing my eyes with my hands covering my eyes and my biting my lip a bit, the injection went in and OMG the PAIN! He stopped and I thought it was finished but he did it again on a different spot and finished up all the medicine ... which I guess is better than having it all in one shot ....

Then he burnt my wart .... well he didn't burnt it he freeze it instead and I was like omg is he preparing me to get it burnt but in the end he only freeze it YAY .... I don't know if it hurts but because my toe was numb I didn't feel anything except for a bit of breeze of the very cold gas on my foot. It was OVER.

Doctor just advised me that
- my tissue there is dead, it will start to peel in about 1-2 weeks
- blisters will form and not to pop them
- if its pop then I have to clean them up with antiseptic
- if its painful drink some painkillers
And I can get it wet so thats good.

Finishing with the doctors, went with my mum around Cabra a bit before going home. Man my foot was sooo uggghh hurting and numbish and all sorts of stuff and pain sometimes here and there .... its a bit better now ... its still numb though .... and most likely going to do it a few more times because its the wart is so deep in my skin.

Mum and I hopped in Fairfield Forum a bit to K-mart. I bought some more school supplies while Mum bought shoes.

Then we finally went home and now I'm just resting on my bed.


Yesterday night after listening to MBLAQ's new album BLAQ style it was sosooooooo good I absolutely LOVE ALL THEIR SONGS! They had improved sooo much ever since their last few singles and coming back hotter than EVER! They are going to be sooo awesome and I can't wait for their comebacks. I just hope that they will win one award (sigh) its hard since they are up against DBSK.... seriously their album is better than DBSK. Anyways my most favourite song is of course Stay and Cry. Their vocals had improved, theirs more rapping, they are more charismatic, their dancing is still smoking hot and they are just soooo AWESOME. Worth the wait.

Because their album was soooo good, I purchased it online on KPOPtown. It comes with the album, poster and their stickers for only $19ish in AUD :)


And loving their two teasers hahahah can't wait to see the whole thing and add it to my playlist.

Oh and I am loving this chick :) .... check out her channel she is sooo awesome and I love this SONG especially the chorus... she is so talented

With love,

Random things
I watched this yesterday and it was a great video because I never thought about styling up scarfs hahahah my favourite one is the turtleneck and it shows 7 ways to wear a scarf.

ohhh My obsession for tea is growing and in the future I want a really pretty tea set with the pot, cups and saucers and cute tins to put the tea leaves in :P

so far my favourite teas are Jasmine, Green Tea and a new one I tried called Milk Oolong.... I can't wait to try new flavours in the future and I would so buy them at T2 teas because their teas are awesome... I also want to learn how to make tea properly .... when I have time

And of course, in the future I can see myself walking around with a travel mug of hot tea instead of the coffees hahahha plus tea is healthier for you :)

I want to buy an oroton coin purse because my wallet is big and sometimes fussy to put in my bag when I want to carry little things. There was one on sale but I didn't like the design so that means keep waiting .. I love the signature design of Oroton

I really need some kind of shoe rack and I want a shoe cupboard instead so its more neater and clean..... hopefully dad can build me one

I want to learn some piano pieces from tutorials and I downloaded them but..... I at the same time cbb to learn X_X

Its going to be less than a month to school and my amount of work I had done is not good at all OMFG I have not even read my english book yet (sigh) I will start reading some time next week

and thats all I think .... I cbb to think anymore just not in the mood to do anything writing or calculations so im going to watch Prison Break :)

With love,

Secret - Shy Boy
Never gave it a listen until yesterday and I am LOVING THE SONG

I am totally loving their new retro song. Its so cute and jovial hhahahaha I love everything about the song from its beat to melody, choreography and costumes. These girls totally shined in this song because their previous two songs Magic and Madonna made them look so old but in this one you see more of their youthful side.

I LOVE THIS SONG! Its so catchy and fun and addictive. And the concept was pulled off beautifully by the girls .... I guess better than Wondergirls and SNSD.

Here are their MV + their 2 debut peformances on Music Bank and Music Core

With love,

7th of January 2011
This year had been awesome so far! hahahah LOVING IT

Today went with Dad in the morning to look at computers and we bought a package which comes with:

- Windows 7
- 27 inch Acer monitor
- 1TB storage
- 8GB Ram

hmmmm wat else? Can't remember but since we couldn't get a discount we got instead a virus program installed for us for free and a box set of speakers too hahahha because my Dad bargained with those.

Picking it up on Sunday, hopefully and yay I can't wait to use it even though its going to be my brothers but I sooo want to play the sims 3 on it kekkekek and burn!

Then we went to Liverpool Westifields with family.
* Shopped in Myers for a while before walking outside to the Toys-r-us section
* went to priceline and bought shaving gel (I cannot use soap its horrible) and a Dove cleanser
* Met parents at Athletics foot?
* Then went in Guess with Dad to look at jeans and I discovered how he reek! ugghh since he did two jobs in the morning and didn't shower.... god I nearly died and I remembered how he doesn't have any at home and I was disgusted with how unhygienic he was uggghh
* Went to Big W while Dad took a phone call and told Anthony to tell him that I was at Big W
* My mission was to get some DEODORANT asap. Found some Lynx roll on and bought it
* Came out and Dad was in the front and gave him my present hahhaah
* Met mum and looked at some things before going out to foodcourt
* Bought McDonalds and head up to the cienmas with my siblings
* Watched Tangled and the movie was AWESOME it was soooo good! Its funny, romantic and sad hahaaha I cried in it XD. My siblings loved it too
* After finishing, went home

and Now i am going to go off driving soon whoohoo finally I can go after all these months but my problem is is that I can't turn hahhahha I suck real bad and two days ago .... suddenly my dad bought me out to Woodville road the main road and I panicked turned bad = up on the curb and nearly hitting the pole hahhaha oops yea......

With love,

What I want to do in the future with my other half.....
When I think about what I want to do in the future with my other half (laughs), as in when I get married, a few things pops in my minds and I want to list them ... well most of them ... the ones that I can remember.

Not in any particular order:

* Go to Dubai for honeymoon or holiday. MAN I WANT TO GO TO DUBAI SOOOO MUCH

I want to stay in the Burj Al Arab 7 star hotel (the only ever existence 7 star hotel in the world!). Go shopping at the largest mall in the world! Its soo big that you can go skiing on the top levels ... see aquariums on the bottom levels and shop at the same time. Then I would love to play in Atlantis water park = the biggest one in the world and see the most spectacular fountain in the world and step on the largest man made island in the world ...

* Go to the beach the whole day. Watch the sun setting and walk bare feet on the sand during the night. Hands held tightly and just enjoying the beautiful scenery while talking

* Bungee Jumping!

* Go to theme parks and ride all the rides and roller coasters etc

* Go karaoke and dance in clubs hahhaha seduce my babes with my moves kkekeke

* Own a boat and ride it out to the sea ... away from all the chaotic stress present on the land

* Cuddle together on a couch and watch our favourite movies, series and dramas

* Snuggle in bed

* Play around in our own indoor spa

* Do house chores together ... shopping together ... cooking together ... a lot of things together

* Go to concerts

* Pack the car and go on car trips to places outside of Sydney hahah enjoy ourselves

* Go to a spa together for baths

* Watch the NY's fireworks in the city

* Live in a nice suburb like Cecil Hills ... away from all the suburbs down here .... and even further away in the future future hahhahaha

* Learn how to play pool and be taught by my babes .... hahhha with skin ship even if our skin ship is perfect and natural

* Kiss in a swimming pool during the night hahhaha

* TALK! ... a lot

* Have steamy showers together hahahah

and I think thats all for now

With love,