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its 9:40pm atm and I had raved on 4 slices of ham and cheese pizza hahhaha to keep me up the night to do my templates

here goes another weight gain by the end of the this term X_X


With love,

Teenage Dream
When I was a young girl, I dreamt of being a princess and finding my prince charming, meeting a unicorn, sitting on clouds and being a power ranger. Everyone had a childhood dream or fantasy, at least I hope, but as we grow older we know that these cannot become true.

How about your teenage dream?

Well this is moi’s teenage dream .....

When I grow older I want to be a young mother and have at least two children before the age of thirty

I want to marry a man, that loves me and makes me feel special all the time, in Sydney’s Cathedral while the Canon song is played and go on a honeymoon to some country like Europe or Paris

I want to live in a spacious house, double story with a really big garden and have a fountain at the front yard or back

I want a walk in wardrobe filled with branded clothing, shoes and bags, neatly sorted and displayed

I want to work in a sky rise building with my own office doing business work that I love or I want to be a beauty therapist and work in a spa resort

I want to laser my body to get rid of my hairy genes and be more confident with my body

And now.....

I don’t want to have children.... why? its because I enjoy my freedom and independence... I always thought I wanted children but after dealing with just my siblings.... im just turn off by having children. Yes its fun to play with them, yes it makes you happy yes to many things but I love being independent more and with children you are restricted in so many different ways and to be selfish I don’t want that... so now I dont want children... its just too stressful and you don’t have time for yourself

hahhaha getting married in the Cathedral? nah not anymore .... it doesn’t matter where I get married ... whats important to me is that my spouse and I are happy and having each other is more than enough .... and the honeymoon is still a must hhahaha but it doesn’t have to be Europe or Paris .... anywhere besides Australia and i’ll be fine

I don’t want to live in a big house anymore ... I want to live in a small cosy house that have simple things .... as long as the person I love is there with me I don’t care if the house is not as glamourous or big

I still want a walk in wardrobe but the collection inside doesn’t have to be all branded ... it just have to have the things that I truly love and treasure

I still want to work in a sky rise building with my own office doing business work that I love or I want to be a beauty therapist and work in a spa resort

I still want to laser my body

With love,

18th of November 2010
oh no, moi haven't been blogging properly these days but I am going to make a proper post now. So many things to say.... where should I start first .....

how about I start with the KPOP world .... haven't been updated lately but OMG I am loving Orange Caramel's new song A-ing! It is so cute and adorable, although it is not as addictive as their previous song, they still maintain everything I love about them and thank-god they didn't crazily change their concepts like some groups such as F-Cuz ... uggh I really dislike those guys. The MV is super adorable and I love their song. MV here:

Now I just need to download their mini album and play it all day.

Besides that, I looked at the winners of the 2010 Style Icon Awards and I am proud and happy for some of the winners but some I feel as if they don't deserve it.

Congratulations to:

Style Icon of the Year: Lee Byung Hun (oh I love this guy he is so hot)

Popularity Award: SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong (wow I am not surprised)

International Style Icon: So Ji Sub (he is even hotter hahhaha)

New Style Icon, Movie Actor: Big Bang’s T.O.P (Choi Seunghyun) (well he's getting there for movie actor .... but not quite yet)

New Style Icon, Singer: CNBlue (oh... why not MBLAQ ... were they even nominated)

Female Singer: 2NE1 (whoohoo go 2NE1)

And this I disapprove

Male Singer: 2PM (why? because im pretty sure there are guys who are better than them because their songs are getting too horrible and boring!)

So Jewelry is going to make a comeback with their two new members because the two main vocalists and the girls who were the foundation of Jewelry went out .... the problem here is that why are they still using that name!

thank-god according to the article their company might change their names and I cant wait for that to happen because Jewelry is not Jewelry anymore if they dont have their original members and it feels as if its a sign of disrespect to their name.

but Im happy now and I am waiting for Seo In Youngs comaback, fingers cross that it wont be ballads since she has a quirky sense of music style that matches her more.

they are working so hard that they wont be attending the MAMA awards which means they won't be up for any awards .... HOW GAY but at least they are working hard like always and making us A+ fans proud of them

So over with the KPOP world lets come and look at the miserable world of school.

So today is the 18th and on the 30th I have a SOR intask with maths exam. Next week my database IPT is due and on the last week of school AOS is due and business.... so all of my subjects I am getting assessed on and OMG ITS THE HSC COURSE

(Sigh) to make it worse I have not done much ..... great more work to do

because of this I have no time for my face at all and its so sad (sigh)

I cant wait till it holidays but holidays I wont be going out much because of school and I will be staying at home most of the times.... sorrys everyone but this holiday is going to be boring because there would be most likely no outings except for maybe Harry Potter.... but you girls go and ahead and have some fun okaiis?

Right Now I am watching the Amazing Race and omg first time ever they are proposing to each other hahhaha Im so happy for them even though I dislike this couple but awwww how romantic..... its funny how they slept in when they are on a race (laughs)

so farewell, moi is going to watch the amazing race..... i might blog later :)

With love,

Day 03 and Day 04

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

Day 03:

1. Being a romantic person
2. Respecting me as a person and doing small things in terms of respect/old fashion such as opening the car door for moi, carrying moi's shopping bags etc
3. Treating me like a princess and spoiling me a lot
4. Conversation
5. Surprises!
6. Being protective of me and always protecting me
7. Entertaining me and making me laugh
8. Cuddling/Snuggling

Day 04:

1. I love you
2. I miss you
3. I can't be bothered
4. It's so hot
5. Ewwwww bugs
6. I can't wait
7. Dammit such a big regret

With love,

Day 02 - Nine things about yourself ....
  1. I love to groom myself using a comb and mirror

  2. I love the smell of coffee but hates drinking it

  3. Before going to bed, I have to brush my hair so that I can sleep

  4. My favourite colour is red and pink

  5. I love to 'go with the flow'

  6. Im a big dreamer and loves romantic things

  7. I'm very picky with my clothes

  8. I'm a beach person but not a swimming pool person

  9. I love being spontaneous and in control

With love,

10 Day Challenge

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.
Day Ten: One confession.

Day 01:

  1. I love you

  2. Keep fighting and never give up!

  3. I hope that you can believe in love one day

  4. I'm sorry

  5. You are so naughty

  6. You've changed

  7. Wow, you look so different now …. saw you on facebook

  8. Never regret

  9. Please try to understand …

  10. I miss you

With love,

New Car
I forgot to blog about this but my family bought a brand new family car and its the

Toyota Kulger 2010 FWD in Grey

I dont have any photos because I cbb but we checked in our old car for this one and we picked up the car on saturday.

The car is pretty decent and the interior is pretty since my family havent had a brand new car in ages! we always second hand ours

so since that talk is over.

For the past three weeks at church, hmmm should I say moral of the gospel thats found on the side of the pamphlet had been very interesting and I havent had the time to post it up but I'll post today's one up.

This is about hope and base on the bible passage of Lk 21:5-19

Among the frightening things said by Christian leaders in the USA following the bombing of the World Trade Centre was that 'God turned away from America because we have turned away from God' and that 'God sent these acts as a wake-up call for us to live righteous lives and return to Him.'

One went as far as to confidently assert that, 'September 11 tells us we are living in end times.' We all have different reactions to shock and grief. Everyone asks, 'Why is this happening to us?' when tragedy strikes on any scale. Christian ministers, who should know better, must never resort to bad theology to further their own social and political agendas. They give us all a bad name.

For as long as I can remember there have been people predicting the end of the world. Whenever there is a tidal wave, cyclone, hurricane, earthquake or other natural disasters, someone declares that 'the end is nigh'. Just recall the Year 2000. Never mind that the dating of our calendar is out and so that the 2000th year occurred in 1996. The truth rarely gets in the road of the doomsday story. Sadly for us they usually invoke today's Gospel to support their case. The good news for us is that we are still waiting for the end of time. The good news for doomsday prophets is that one day they're going to be right!

We know from a variety of documents around the time of Jesus that the people of Palestine thought the world was soon coming to an end. Given they were being persecuted under an occupying Roman army and that their nation was in tatters, they seemed to have a better cause for this view than we do. In today's Gospel Jesus speaks to a demoralised people who thought, and maybe hoped, that it would all be over soon. In such a context, people are liable to follow the loudest voice to what appears like the safest place and so Jesus offers us the hope of God's fidelity whatever suffering we may endure.

We are challenged to counter despair, not place our trust in things or institutions which we can see but to not be afraid and stand up for faith and hope. When bad things happen to good people, when they happen to us, we have choices. We can give into desolation, depression and despair. Some of us make a life-long career out of it. This is understandable and tragic. Or we can choose to hope. Christian hope is not about 'pie in the sky when we die'. It is not about 'putting on a happy face, come what may'. St Augustine tells us hope is based on the justice God wants in the world, and will see done in the next.

Interestingly, one of the signs Jesus speaks about in today's Gospel is famine. We have known for thirty years that if we all lived justly and shared our abundance, we could have seen an end to starvation. We choose otherwise and sometimes blame God. St Thomas Aquinas teaches us that hope along with faith and love, is one of the prongs in the anchor of Christian belief. No matter how stormy are the waters, how much we are tossed and buffeted by life's winds, this anchor keeps us rooted in God until calmer seas return.

Hope is about holding on, come what may. Today's Gospel is not interested in a timetable for disaster. It's about encouraging us to drop the anchor of hope overboard when the times get tough. May this Eucharist help uo to keep choosing to hope until the end of time.

With love,

OMG finally moi had bought herself a harddrive after many months of saying it "I'll buy it next time".

Of course I had bought the traditional one that every one uses the Western Digital My Book Essential in which was on sale and I bought it at Dick Smith.

It works beautifully and now I have something to store up all my dramas, videos, pictures etc

Today was such a hot day but I spent most of the time in Neeta City. We drove to Neeta City and it was pretty pack as we didnt find a parking spot until we went up to level 4. We made our way to Big W for the one day sale and unfortunately we didnt get to grab two items that was shown on the catalog; the chocolates and the shoes.

We bought a Lexar 8GB USB since I lost mines, a hat for Andy, two chocolate calendars and my sister bought some of her beauty products. I was going to buy the HP harddrive but it was only compatible on the PC so our next stop was Dick Smith.

Before heading to Dick Smith, I went to a bargain shop to exchange something that I had bought and found a better item than I bought :) We stopped at the shoe shop first before heading down to Dick Smith.

There I bought obviously my harddrive. After buying the harddrive, we went to eat before going to K-mart to exchange my siblings shoes. At K-mart, the design sold out after 2 DAYS ONLY and so I called my mum and she said to just keep it for next year.

We walked back to Neeta City and man was the weather hot...... thank-god I had aircon on my car.

Today.... was a perfect opportunity for me to do something with someone yet something came up and I had to sacrifice it :(

I regret it so much .....

and as a consequence ughhhhh I let my 'magnet loose' and when that happens 'magnets' attract people to them!

(sigh) but there is nothing that I can do :(

With love,


Yay! I opened a new account with Commonwealth Bank and my card came in yesterday. hhahahah its sooo SHINY

now I have another card to my collection and its beautiful

and with this I can shop online! but atm I will just restrain myself because I am so broke

Right now going to go off to Big W for a bit ..... so sad that I couldnt go to Parra instead but (sigh) there is always more opportunity


with love,


Can a three way friendship work?

A typical question asked by many people in today's society, moi's answer is yes it can work.

Friendship is not base on number but it is built on trust, understanding, honesty and forgiveness. What matters is the effort that each friend puts into the friendship to make it work out and strengthen the bond between each other. If each friend possess most of the traits that was mentioned, then the friendship will definitely work out. Although this sort of friendship require more time, work and commitment in bringing out the positives of it, the friendship can always be pursued and done.

Look at tv shows such as Sex and the City, Friends ... they all have friends that are not in 'twos' and although they are fictional characters but in reality such things do exist.

As a result, three/+ way friendship is possible, to make it possible each friend must make an effort in building the relationship stronger.

With love,

Ben Hur October 22 2010
hhahahah I know its way past this date but moi had only realized now I haven't blog about the Ben Hur experience on my blog. So here I go, I will try to recount as much as possible. (sorry for the small pics I was tired posting this up and didnt relize how small i upload it X_X but when u click on it its bigger )

On Friday the 22nd of October 2010, I headed off to Fairfield Station to meet up with the teachers, some girls at MMC and my babes to head off to ANZ stadium for Ben Hur. We missed at least 2 trains to wait for these girls but in the end they didn't turn up so we finally hoped on the train. The poor teachers was so bad at directions that we girls did most of the leading on how to get there.

We stopped at Lidcombe station and headed off to the Olympic Park terminal to reach our destination the ANZ. We were greeted with a lot of people who were like us coming to see the live performance of Ben Hur. If you don't know, Ben Hur was a movie and so this is the live performance held in Sydney of the reenactment of the movie. Walking to the stadium, we were greeted with Romanish looking guys who were playing some instruments and man were they loved by everyone. After a few minutes taking photos with the 'mini orchestra', we finally continued walking towards the stadium and through our gates. I bought a program and we were given red scarves before going towards our seats. (image below of the book and red scarf)

Then, we went to our seats which drove us insane because we couldn't find our seats only relizing it was in the middle and our walk through everyone's legs was horrible. We were seated and now we were eagerly waiting for the show to start. From our seats, we had a clear view of the big stage of gorgeous antiques during the Roman times and a brown dirt landscape. Shortly, on the TV screen a clip of the making of Ben Hur was showed to the audience. From the ideas, to the auditions etc, it was totally amazing to how Ben Hur was all put together.

Finally the performance started with these horses galloping in from the side and on the side the throne? was lit up showing the king sitting on his throne. After a while, an army of soldiers came marching in with their adorable Roman costumes and their coordination was lovely.

Throughout the show, the storyline was really dull. The acting was great, the music was awesome, their props and costumes was the best but the storyline was really dull making the show at times boring and out of place.... I even fell asleep at one stage X_X

anyways. there was a scene in which a fight was to take place like wrestling wise and we finally understood what the scarves was for hahhahah the ref guy was sooo funny and down to earth as the audience was involved in the act. My side was red and the other was white. The ref would tell us to wave our scarves to support our teams and everyone was enthusiastic to wave their scarves proudly. It was fun. The red team had really poor sportsmanship as we would boo the whites and in the end, the final result the white team won.

Oh, a
nd there was another scene where the had a horse race on their chariots? is that what its called. anyways the horses was damn amazing as they were train so well and in the end of course Ben Hur won the race.

the horses

The the show ended and we went home and I cant remember what time but it was pretty late. Everyone had a great time and was tired. And it was cold, I remember how cold it was at night since I only wore a dress with a thin cardigan and of course my beautiful heels.

A pic of their costume + some scenes

With love,

Otters Holding Hands!
hahahha awwww this is sooo cute I love watching this! From the blogger: "They say that sea otters hold hands whilst they sleep so they don't drift away from one another."

The 6th of November 2010 (aka 11th of November)

Yesterday was Saturday, the 6th of November 2010.

Waking up at 8am, I woke up to get ready for the day. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and changed into my jeans, boots, singlet and pink jumper with my side bag that holds my beloved wallet, phone, mirror, comb and a small key. I walked to the kitchen to make myself a bowl of instant noodles, that was far too hot for my likely, that I ended up only finishing half of it. We (Mum, moi and sister) went off to the that station and I quickly bought my ticket to Paramatta to buy my IPT textbook with my two babes. Meeting my babes on the first carriage of the train, we traveled to Paramatta and the train ride was pretty quick. We then walked to the bookstore that wasn't such a long walk and I found my beloved textbook. From there we parted ways, my babe and I went to the city and my other babes went to Westifields.

Babe and I journeyed to Circular Quay to the Opera House only to be welcomed with this whole construction of setting up for some performance and reading the newspapers, probably it was for the new Ballet that is going to show soon from the 11-29 of november called Edge of Night.... :)
(I really want to go and watch it! It looks really interesting)

So we couldnt go to the Opera house. We then decided to go back to the Darling Harbour side and go to the Chinese Gardens instead. Chinese Gardens was beautiful as always hahhahah I was tired from all the walking in my heel boots though but it was all worth it :)

We walked until we arrived at the waterfall scenery in which something splendid happened hhaahahah (im going to keep this to myself). It was the most happiest moment of my life .... Moi was so happy that I couldn't think right.

A series of events happened (kkekekeke) and then we went to eat. We ordered green tea, a chicken salad and a salmon, cheese, tomato and onion sandwich and a blackberry cheese cupcake (cheese cake in a cup cake form) and omg they were all sooo yummy hahhaha especially when you have the cake last while sipping on tea. ITS AWESOME. And the environment was lovely as well with the ponds and trees and koi fishes and even the rain sprinkling on the surface of the waters :)

The day had on and off rain in which was okaiis since I was warm up and we had an umberella hahhaha at times it was sooo hot but thank god for the wind.

We continued to stay at the gardens for a bit longer before we headed out. We stopped at the park and sat on the paved steps for a while. We then stopped at the waters and sat on the balcony for a while. It was peaceful and beautiful.

Then it was time to go home. We strolled towards townhall station and hopped on the train to go home. hahahhahaaha the train ride was so quick and it was lovely hahhaha Im going to miss that time for sure!

Arrived at Fairfield and babes went off home. I waited for my sister to finish work and mum to pick me up and omg I was busting to go to the toilet. It was not until half an hour later that I arrived home and omg my stomach wanted to burst like crazy.

Home my feet and legs was killing me but it was all worth it. I was really happy and enjoyed the day. I came home with a few more things on me and a change of .......

"thats one secret I'll never tell .... you know you love me xoxo"

I'm happier now ....
Moi had been pondering over this post for quite some time now. A lot had happened and I am still completely amazed and surprised to what had happened. The thing that I know for sure is that this is the best decision I had made so far this year. I don’t regret any of it. The journey ahead will be filled with warmth, happiness and joy but at the same time it would be filled with obstacles, hardships and tears. That's a fact that moi is confident about and is aware of.

Smiling while breathing heavily, Moi will often sit back and think “How did this all happened? When did this all happened?”. Moi would reminisce as well. The memories, the experience, the sadness, the happiness, the excitement ... everything (well things that I remember X_X).

Then there would be the ‘what-if‘ moments. What if this happened ....? What if that happened ....? How would I reaction ....? What would I do ....? Would I pursue or not pursue...?

(laughs) then there is the beauty of music .... “Just like Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; So is Music to the ears of a listener. The phenomenon of music, plays on the strings of the heart of people across the world, and is creating a universal song.” Music makes me smile more now and the beauty of it, is that it brings people together and helps oneself to express themselves. Music reminds you of someone, something, some place .... it all depends on you. Music for moi reminds me of someone. Songs like

Bruno Mars - Talking to the Moon
Jason Chen - One girl in a million (by Neyo) cover
Far East Movement ft Ryan Tedder - Rocketeer

just to list a few :)

This post moi had spent too much time on and only to see a few lines typed on the screen .. Why is it so hard to do this post? (laughs)

Nevertheless, music is not only the key thing that is making me happy but human traits of understanding, love, patience, forgiveness, courage and loyalty plays a big role in my happiness. WIthout these traits, moi would not have grown and moi would not have the courage to do anything.

Although moi is selfish and had hurt others so much, moi had always been forgiven. Moi is thankful for that. Thank you for always being forgiving.

Although moi is simple minded and does not understand and think a lot, moi had always been understood. Moi is thankful for that. Thank you for always being understanding.

Although moi had always been blinded by whats in front of her and never confronted to it, moi had always been love. Moi is thankful for that. Thank you for always wholeheartedly being loving.

Although moi is impatient and hasty towards others, moi had always been given patience. Moi is thankful for that. Thank you for always being patient.

Although moi’s loyalty never shows, moi had always and will be given the chance to show it and moi had always been loyal to. Moi is thankful for that. Thank you for always being loyal.

With love,

Retreat 27th of October - 29th of October
Sorry about this very late recap and moi's absences of posting on this blog but moi is too tired these days and had only recovered recently.

Retreat was a beautiful experience of learning and growing as a better person. Although there were obstacles on the way and a clear vision of the future that is to come, we were able to enjoy our last moments of being together and away from the reality of education.

Day 01:

We traveled to our destination and soon arrived within an hours time. We took a year group photo before heading out to the grass and play ice breakers in the bloody heat. I was so hot that I was melting in my shorts and t-shirt. Then, we had a mission of finding our activity groups through our missing puzzles and I found my group.... To my surprise my fate with some people are so 'beautiful' that I want to cry.

Next, we were greeted into the dining room, in which mobiles were confiscated already, and the incident of 'bitch and witch' was established and caught on camera. We had morning tea and headed off to our cabins. We took the longest way ever to find our cabin number... not to mention the many flight of stairs that we took. We found our cabin. Where was it? The highest level of cabins there are in the resort! But I like it up there, the scenery was beautiful and it was peaceful ... away from all of the other cabins. We had the teachers next door to us but we had nice teachers so we weren't worried.

Spending time taking photos was nice, we had to come back down and do activities? I cannot remember what we did :P Oh yeah... we had a performance and it was awesome. The teachers were so funny and lovely.

Before going to bed, we prayed the rosary and it was beautiful as we sat around a lit rosary from the candles. I was sitting infront of a section of the candles and when it was my turn to lit them up X_X my hands were shaking hhhaha.

At night, it took us forever to set up a comfortable environment for us girls to play cards but we did it in the end. We played uno, bloody mary and 13 until 2amish before everyone headed for their beds. During our games, our torture was just beautiful and memories that will not be forgotten. I could'nt sleep the whole night so I stayed up until 5am before I slept for a bit. hahhaha that night was the best night ever in my life. It was just unfortunate that I did'nt know who I was and what my heart was telling me .... but now I know and Im really happy.

Day 02:

A day of reflections, activities and entertainment from our lovely teachers. I was greeted with my time of the month and cramps that embraced me tightly for the whole day. My mood was fuck up and that lead to a horrible incident for my babes but it was solved. Im sorry to all my babes that had to suffer because of my impatience and mood. It happened during break but soon after we enjoyed our time. Unfortunatly, time told us to continue with the program and we had to leave.

We had a small liturgy of reflection and it was really peaceful as every girl wrote their sin/s on a glove. We were given the opportunity to have confession with our awesome Fr Mac but the wait for confession was horrible as the line was all messed up, even though me and my babe was in line first, and in the end we waited for over an hour. Luckily, the school captain was generous to let us in first.

After dinner, which was yummy, we had mass and then a movie night. We were allowed back to our cabins and changed and I grasp the opportunity to shower. Wow throughout this retreat, I had to quickly shower and change like crazy inside the cabins hahhaha my girls will know what Im talking about. The movie was okay a bit boring but it was so uncomfortable because there was no where to lie down. (sigh)

Movies finished and back to cabins. Our groups plan was to wake up around 1 hour later after light outs and do all nighters since many girls were up for it but then because of me, the one who was to suppose to wake everyone up, fell into a deep sleep. The last time I looked at the time it was 11:34pm. I told myself give it another 10 minutes and the next minute when I realized that I fell asleep it was already 5:30am. DAMMIT I was so angry with myself for wasting such a night on sleeping. GOD MAN I WAS IN A DEEP SLEEP.

(sigh) my confidence went against me and I was dying because of my stupidity. It was morning which means day 3 and the last day here at retreat. I was sad because I didnt want to leave. The morning hahhaa I was very cheeky because I did not want to get up and only lie there.

Day 03:

Activities, slide shows and more food was done. We prepared to leave and go back to school.



Retreat was a experience that will be remembered.
A time that we had grown. A time that we had learn. A time that we had played. A time that we had found ourselves or on our way there. A time that we escaped from our problems. A time that we escaped from reality. A time that had been captured on cameras.

Retreat helped moi to understand the group better. To see how closer we are and to see how fragile we are. It helped me to see how a person can have an impact on others. Through retreat, I forgave myself and with the help of retreat I followed my heart. Im happier now.

With love,