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Miss Sacha!

woohoo I am waiting for my new pair of shoes from PEEP TOE. On its online site atm they have an awesome sale and my sister dragged me to her room yesterday to check it out.

She fell in love with Miss Surry Hills (pic below) and its a black platform with gold on it

and I fell in love with Miss Sacha which is a nice bright pair of flats! I had wanted these but it was still $100 and something from $200 and something and now its down to $88! (pic below)

So we purchased our beloved shoes and now I am sooo excited for it to come ....

Hopefully I fit in it because with peeptoes you have to pick between size 5 or 6 and theres no half size because if these are loose then im doom because Im pretty sure size 5 would be too small.

Lets just wait and see and hopefully they fit me nicely or even a bit tight >_<

With love,

End of Year SALE
Yesterday went shopping with the girls and babes to the city and we went to Westifields, since I really want to check out it's new interior and shops.

Met at Fairfield in the morning @ 8am but ended up going to Cabra to access the Bankstown line to go directly to Town Hall.

Arriving at town hall, we stopped at QVB at I was busting to go to the toilet but couldn't stop myself from shopping @ QVB. We went in Colette, Diva, Calvin Klein underwear, Guess and I think thats all before going to the toilets X_X At Diva I bought a new blue flower ring which is sooo pretty since its big, bold and beautiful for $5 too.

At Westifields, we went from level to level and good things don't have my size. SIGH! Very high class at the city with very matured clothes so Westifields at the city is more for formal occasions and wanting to buy rare things .... other than that I rather go to the Westifields down here thats more suited for my needs.

We went in typo and I bought a book and calendar both 50% off and loving it. Before that, there was some stalls in the middle which had some really nice stuff but wasn't my style and this cute dress with no size :( Then this horrible thing happened. My girl wanted some coffee and there was a coffee stall. At two ends there were counters and apparently we were on the wrong end and the guy serving told us to "hold on it would be a minute" so we waited for a bit until we can see that we were on the wrong side because suddenly a bunch of peoples pop up on the other side and got served before us and we were like WTF. My girl lined up again but I didn't allow her to stand there for too long before dragging her off and loudly saying that this place doesn't deserves us and how they just lost two customers from their shitty slow service and plus their work place was disgustingly dirty so don't get your coffees there!

I was upset because they had the most fucken horrible service ever. At least the guy could had told us that we order on the other side and they were just plain slow. SLOW fucken hell man I dont have the time to waste when sales are on and this service is not acceptable in the CITY and its not like thats the only coffee section in the whole westifields. SO we went off.... me still in a fucken shitty mood. Thinking about it makes me sooo angry.

We went to the food courts at QVB and ate before heading off to Myers. hahaaha we spent more than an hour in there because there were so many sales. We looked at the clothes first and unfortunately there wasn't anyhting I liked and when there was there wasn't my size :( (sigh!)
We then took forever to find access to the bras etc hhhaaha but in the end we found it.

Browsing for a very long time, I found 3 that I liked and went to the fitting rooms that had a queue and lucky there was hardly anyone when I waited but omg it was sooo god damn slow there were like 10 fitting rooms and no rooms budge. It was sooo slow and phew the two woman in the front of me were smart to share one since they were friends so that they don't need to wait long so more room for me. Finally in the change rooms, I tried them on and like two but only chose one to buy. Bought this white one (can't remember the brand) but I love it because its soo comfy and sleek.

After myers, we went around westifields a bit more and looked at the whole place already. We continued shopping outside on Pitt street and I bought a shirt and case from Sportsgirl and a T-shirt at Jay Jays where we bump into Anne hahhahaha it was sooo cool to see her again ... but we bumped into each other at the changing rooms and she was going in the one that we went out off so we only said Hi. We also went into Just Jeans, Glue, Valleygirl and Wanted. Had some nice stuff but didn't have my size and especially at Wanted ... saw a pair of shoes that I liked ... had my sized but the display one was really worn out and there wasn't any new ones in stock so I didn't buy it. ( now I realized I had forgotten to go to General Pants uughgh)

We headed off to Seoul Ria to eat and to go chinatown as well. Arriving at Seoul Ria, I was sooo excited to eat since I was starving and have some Ja Jang myun since I love that dish and miss it sooo much. We ordered our most favourite two dish which is the Ja Jang Myun and this chicken one together with Potato Pancake (1st time trying this) and a marinated beef scotch fillet? something like that hahahha

After finishing eating, it was already 4/5 something. We went to morning glory first so that I can buy clips for my sister and man they were so cheap since it was 30% off and I only bought 2 because there wasn't many designs.

Then we went to market city and window shopped for a while before popping to Capitol to take some photos. After photos, went back to market city to grab some stuff and then we headed home.

We started walking home around 7/8 pm cant remember so our legs was exhausted from all the walking and the weather was horrible as it turned cold and windy and most of us pretty much wore shorts and a thin shirt hahhahah but then I was wrapped around in a jacket kekkekekek

With love,

Oh Yeah
hahahahah I haven't spazz about this but I love the collaboration between GDragon and TOP from Big Bang. My most favourite two members and what's better is the sing along with PARK BOM in Oh Yeah.

I LOVE THE SONG. I LOVE THE ARTISTS and I LOVE THE CHEMISTRY in their live performances.

They are sooo adorable and sexy ... especially when TOP stares at Park Bom (screams) hahhaha they are sooo cute and omg TOP ... I love that guy.

But their props are sooo ugh what's with the headwear on GDragon and I thought he is back to his normal stylish self and TOP your HAIR WHY!? its sooo ugly and Park Boms hideous scarf ... sigh

Nevertheless, the are awesome. My most favourite singers performing together is sooo HOT. Hopefully, they win an award and keep up with their cute chemistry.

Their chemistry in their comeback on MNET was much better than the first.

Two performances below:

1st Performance

2nd Performance

With love,

In my dream/future house .....
When moi thinks about her future house ... she wants these following things to be there:

1. A walk in wardrobe ... I don't mind if its the cosy design or the modern design because I love them both but I do absolutely envy Mariah Carey's wardrobe ... it looks so luxurious and royal :P ... Look at all her shoes and I bet there was more.

2. A spa tub ... instead of a bathtub I want a spa tub .... more leaning towards the ones that are cornered instead of the round ones as I find it more hmmm relaxing when its more enclosed rather than in the middle of the bathroom.

3. A canopy bed with curtains hanging down ... it seems so dreamy that I love it. I want a canopy bed with the curtains hanged in a beautiful way so I can sleep in a safe, dreamy environment.

4. Hammock like the cocoon ones where its nice and big and be place in the backyard :) or even just the simple ones where you lie on them.

5. Swing chairs ... I LOVE ... I love sitting on them and slowly swing on it and look at the stars in the sky ....or admire the sun in the daytime.

6. A vanity desk for my face products ... makeup ... brush etc

and thats all I have for now ...

With love,

Shoes of Prey
Got this off the youtuber Michelle Phan and its a site called shoes of prey.

heres link: http://www.shoesofprey.com/

What's so cool about this site is that you can design your own shoes! Its that awesome. They would make your shoe hand made according to your design and your shoe size as well! It's really cool and its refund and exchange policy is awesome.

Good things come with a price and a standard high heel shoe 3.5inches is $250 + $25 for delivery. Sigh! In the future I will soo purchase and design my own shoe... maybe even for formal XD ... if I have the money

They also have a gallery of shoes that people had designed and it gives you a good idea of how the colours will turn out because the might look dull on your design but in real life its bright and gorgeous.

And its so easy to design as well. You can choose your colours, type of material such as Italian silk or snakeskin, you can choose how your front toe will look like, the back and heels! It sooo cool hahhahah I want to design my own shoes sooo badly :(

With love,

A few days ago ....
Few days ago went to Liverpool with family on shopping night.

My mum and I went off ourselves and shopped for clothes for my mum because she never does! She always on the go buying stuff for my siblings. We went through some stores and stopped by Bardot in which she bought she tops hahahha those two tops definitely beautified her youth and I was gobsmacked in the change room because she looks so much younger and have the same fashion sense as my sister.

We then went to Events, in which I had to take a few minutes to figure out which shop she wanted to go to because she kept saying EVEN (sigh) and i was like ohhhh you mean EVENTS. There we went to the change rooms. She picked quite a few tops for a party on boxing day and I went by and saw this gorgeous long strapless dress with colours of black and pink and others but OMG it was DAMN gorgeous when I tried it on and I didn't want to take it off (sigh) It was on sale as well..... I know its early but I wanted that to be my formal dress but Mum said no .... :( ... lets move on before I feel sad again from thinking about how gorgeous that dress was.

We were in there and an asian lady was on the phone and she was like Im in EVEN and i was like ohhh no wonder why my mum said EVEN. My mum chose two tops and we bought them. We went to Forever New with its sale buy one get one free. My mum chose this nice silk top and I picked out a vest.

Soon after we went home because Dad was exhausted from work and didn't want to shop anymore or even eat in there since every fastfood outlet was pack so we headed off to Lansvale instead and ate McDonalds.

My parents had coffee, siblings their happy meals and I had a chocolate frappe. Behind us on the TV, was the Mummy Returns playing and man I haven't watched that in ages. Love the Mummy series. While waiting for the food at the counter, I envy the role of the boss because you have so much control hahahahha the boss, which was a female, was wow so picky with the guy employee lets say a bit intimidating hahahha like for example

someone ordered the dinner meal and she was saying quickly what was in it and the guy confirmed it and repeated whats in it and he said sweet n sour sauce and she was like theres no sauce in here. If there was I would know. Where is the sauce? .... why didn't you put in sauce. Then she went on about how the customers will be unsatisfied and they will scream at not her but him.

Then she went to ask me if i needed anything and I was like yea the coffee. She was like wheres the coffee. I dont see the coffee. You havent made the coffee and he replied i was going to do it and she did it herself. then she was like to him from the mccafe or here on the machine etc and i was like wow its sooo nice to be a boss.

I was looking at the machine and it went crazy and i was like omg hmmmm i wonder if the coffee is going to be ok. I brought it out to parents. After a long time, my mum finally drank hers and it was funky hahahah the froth was really thick and chunky and we opened my dads and he drank all of that and he was like no wonder why it tasted weird. I was like why didnt you tell me so I could change it for you. SHowed it to them and the chick from the cafe changed the coffees for us.

Went home and ...... cant remember the rest

oh i also went into Equip and bought a necklace and these animals studs which were sooo cute!

Here are some photos with my updated change of how my jewelery box looks. I dont have much stuff but I will one day hahaha especially with my rings X_X (damn i lost one though... somewhere at home)

My animal earrings hahha theres rabbit, giraffe, ladybug, frog, pig, monkey, duck, elephant and cat. They are sooo cute! On the top are my three most precious rings. On the right side are my two other rings that I value deeply. Then there are gifts from my girls that I will always love.

With love.

The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2010
Published by TC Candler of http://www.tccandler.com

The Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Famous Faces has been published, in various formats, every year since 1990... and has been seen by over 15 million people since 2007.

This list is only about beautiful celebrity faces. Unlike the Maxim, FHM, Askmen & People lists, it is not based on the "sexiest", "hottest" or "best body". As this is an international list with input from all over the world, you may discover some relatively unfamiliar faces from the far corners of the earth. Despite fame being a prerequisite, it is certainly not based purely on public popularity. There will definitely be a few big name exclusions because of the specific criteria evaluated — Some who would make the "sexiest" lists may not be known for their facial aesthetic. Over 75 countries have been represented in the Top 100 over the years.

The Top 100...

100. Penelope Cruz (can't wait to see her in the new priates movie!)
99. Esti Ginzburg
98. Yulia Volkova
97. Isla Fisher
96. Frankie Sandford
95. Pixie Lott
94. Faye Reagan
93. Naomi Watts
92. Lyndsy Fonseca
91. Madison Welch
90. Rachel Bilson
89. Hayden Panettiere (Heroes star - very gorgeous girl)
88. Natalie Tran (communitychannel) (OMG she made it and she is a Vblogger! AUSSIE TOO)
87. Bar Refaeli
86. Margarita Levieva
85. Karen Alloy (spricket24)
84. Meghan McCain
83. Lady Gaga (awesome pop artist who treats her fans soo awesome)
82. Katherine Heigl (I LOVE her acting she is soooo good)
81. Heather Graham
80. Melissa Theuriau
79. Kelly Rowland
78. Evangelline Lilly
77. Cheryl Tweedy Cole
76. Emmanuelle Chriqui
75. Jessica Biel (Twilight star I think she acts as Jessica? Bellas posh friend)
74. Victoria Pendleton
73. Hayley Marie Norman
72. Paz Vega
71. Katharine McPhee
70. Katherine Jenkins
69. Andrea Corr
68. Justine Ezarik (iJustine)
67. Anna Kendrick
66. Emma Roberts
65. Ophelia Lovibond
64. Megan Fox (she is super hot but now meh.... her face had changed :( )
63. Vanessa Minnillo
62. Bryce Dallas Howard
61. Emmy Rossum
60. Giovanna Mezzogiorno
59. Ashley Greene (loving her as Alice from twilight. She is so beautiful)
58. Laura Ramsey
57. Kiira Korpi
56. Amy Macdonald
55. Kerry Washington
54. Rachel Hurd Wood
53. Jessica Alba (a mother that is hot as always and great acting skills)
52. Kristen Bell (love everything about her and especially her voice in GG)
51. Katy Perry (oh I LOVE HER SONGS and her as well)
50. Jennifer Connelly (acting is superb. she is awesome)
49. Demi Lovato (disapprove she is so boring)
48. Charlize Theron
47. Victoria Justice
46. Lindsay Lohan (disapprove she is so boring)
45. Michelle Ryan
44. Marley Shelton
43. Rachel McAdams (gorgeous lady... I LOVE HER)
42. Scarlett Johansson (gorgeous lady as well ... looking forward for more movies starring her)
41. Preity Zinta
40. Erin Cummings
39. Blake Lively (Our classic GG chick - I love her acting)
38. Maggie Grace
37. Jessica Pare
36. Mia Kirshner
35. Olivia Thirlby
34. Anne Hathaway (gorgeous lady... I LOVE HER)
33. Nozomi Sasaki
32. Hayley McQueen
31. Kate Winslet (respectable actress)
30. Nicola Roberts
29. Silvia Battisti
28. Emily Browning
27. Lena Katina
26. Meagan Good
25. Monica Bellucci
24. Carice Van Houten
23. Diora Baird
22. Sophia Bush (shes the john tucker must die chick whos into saving animals :P I love her acting)
21. Sienna Miller
20. Rachel Weisz
19. Emily Blunt
18. Song Hye Kyo (THE FIRST KOREAN and omg I LOVE HER)
17. January Jones
16. Rihanna
15. Rose Byrne
14. Natalie Portman
13. Keira Knightley (she is beautiful and her acting is sooo good)
12. Marion Cotillard
11. Kate Beckinsale
10. Christina Hendricks
9. Amanda Seyfried (she is sooo pretty... and shes getting more and more famous)
8. Emily DiDonato
7. Alice Eve
6. Freida Pinto
5. Alison Brie
4. Leighton Meester (I LOVE HER she is beautiful and acts so well )
3. Tamsin Egerton
2. Emma Watson (she is beautiful and her acting is awesome ... we will always remember her in HP)
1. Camilla Belle

With love,

the 9th of December 2010
A day that I will never forget ....

It all started in the morning. Woken up by mum in the morning, I had to babysit Andy on the car as my mum drove both my siblings to school. Why did I had to go? because Andy loves travelling by car and we had to take him as well. It was raning and my mum didn't want to bring him out of the car so there I was dragged out... still in my PJ's on the car.

After dropping off my siblings at their schools, we went to petrol station before going back home. Then there was a phone call. It was one of my babes. We talked like usual and while I'm still on the phone with her the door bell ringed.

I turned the keys clockwise and OMG! Three familiar figures stood outside my door and it hit me that they were my babes with gifts in their hands to celebrate my birthday.

I was absolutely shocked, surprised and touched to the very core of my heart and invited them inside. I quickly changed into some better clothes and opened up my presents and there were my favouriate cloud lollies, a black ring box display .... perfect for my rings and PRISON BREAK BOX SET.

I was sooo happy and happy is not the word that I can describe how I felt on that day. I felt loved and special and fortunate to have my babes on my birthday.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much that we could do since I had nothing on the wii so we spent the day playing on the wii a bit and watching things for most of the day.

Overall, the day was beautiful as it was being beautified by my three beautiful babes.

Thank-you and I will never forget this day.

With love,

Cravings ....
mmmmm I am so craving for some

Cookies n Cream ICE CREAM that I have in my freezer atm

Some Ja Jang Myun preferably at Seoul Ria

A Chocolate Frappe at McDonald's


Blackberry Cheesecake in cupcake form @ Chinese Gardens in the City

SOme fettucini carbonara like the hospo girls had made.... i soo need to grab a recipe off them

Fried Icecream

Cooked Sea Snails

Foods/Drinks that I had always wanted to tried

1. Vongole Pasta ... inspired from the drama pasta... it looks so yummy

2. Lobster Termidor

3. Soup dumplings where you put it on a spoon, break it, drink the soup and then eat it hahaah always seen it on TV so i really want to try it

4. Macarons

5. Pina Colada

6. Long Island

7. Pink Lady

8. And this lolly where you always see it on TVB dramas

With love,

Wow I realized that I haven't blog in ages and how I will start blogging frequently again ..... well hopefully I will.

(PS Click on the photos to magnify it :] )

Now its the holiday and the year of 2010 is behind us, I am very excited for 2011 and to renew myself for the HSC. Even though I did shit this term, I want to do better next year and I know that there is a chance for that to happen.

Now what happened today. Yesterday, I was exhausted from doing my Business assignment till late at night combined with fatigue from doing zumba for sports. (yay no more SPORTS FOREVER) therefore I slept early. AND my girls were so sweet yesterday by surprising me with celebrating my BIRTHDAY ... I actual forgot and I was really surprise when my girls had the cake and my card ahhahahha I even asked who was this from X_X ... THANKYOU to my girls for everything :)

This morning I woke up and decided to clean my room because it was atrocious. I didn't went on the MAC to let it rest from the continous nights of downloading and OMG I LOVE OPTUS because they upgraded our plan to 1000GB! 1000GB and I had downloaded so many things already .... so excited to download all the things I had been wanting to download.

Then my sister dragged me out to Liverpool Westifields to go shopping. We went out of the house around 12pm and finally arrived inside the parking area at 12:47 because of the sudden heavy traffic at Liverpool. Unfortunately, parking took us another 20+ minutes and we landed inside the shops at 1 something

We entered on the BIG W level and went inside top bargain for my sister to buy some stick tape and we ended up buying some Christmas earrings :) I bought a pair of angels which is below:

I also bought Colette flower earrings, which I absolutely loved.

We walked past the pet shop and there were baby rabbits that were soooo cute and adorable and there were these 2 white bunnies that looked soooo cute .... and they were so white and beautiful.

Next stop was Forever New and I saw my jumpsuit on sale, when I bought it for full price.... (sigh) MAN such a big regret... should had waited

After browsing in many shops on the first level, we went in Sportsgirl. There I found a dress that I fell in love with. (sigh) it was so beautiful when I stepped inside and saw the manikin wearing it. So I quickly searched for it and found it on the rack to my left. Scanning for my size, I found the only size an XXS and since it was stretchy I excitedly tried in on. I loved it so much so I decided to buy it and because we had my mum's visa, I decided for my mum that this is going to be my birthday present from her. YAY THE DRESS IS MINE....

SOme photos (it looks weird since its flat against my bed but it has ruffles on the top and its short at the front and curves longer to the back + strapless)



I was soo happy and held it tightly against me. We went to toy r us soon after and looked for my brother's toy, which sold out, but my sister bought this big toy and we had to go back to the car because we cbb to carry it.

Went back, shop a bit more before we had our lunch at 3ish. My sister ate curry on rice and I had sushi.

After finishing our meal, we went to Wanted before going downstairs and I saw my beloved Glamour Puss shoes that I had always wanted and my sister's gift for my birthday. We decided to try it on in the stores and buy it as well. After trying on here and there, size 6 was perfect and I was over the moon knowing that now I own these shoes. THESE SHOES ARE MY GORGEOUS BABY and totally worth the money.

Inside, I opened this at home, there was a Glamour Puss bag, two extras of top-peice heel and a small card that said:

Dear Customer,

Thankyou for choosing our product. Our shoes are made with natural leather and the finest quality materials which are mostly hand made. Slight marks and colour variations are not considered as a product defect, both are inherent characteristics of the product nature.

And at the back there were care instructions.


The box:

The Shoes: (NO FLASH)


My sister and I went downstairs towards Target and we saw my two babes with their family hahhaha it was sooo surprising :)

In Target, my sister and I both bought some bras and we went around to some more shops before going back up to bra n things. I bought a silicon strapless bra thing and my sister bought some underwear.

Then we headed home and it was around 4:30 and because we were lazy to deal with the car we ended up paying $12.00 for parking fee.

And now I am exhausted from shopping and finish cleaning my room but (sigh) I was not suppose to spend money and today look at what I bought:

- a dress
- a pair of shoe
- two earrings
- 3 bras

(sigh) thats why I dont want to go shopping because I end up spending .....

Oh wells, shopping spree once in a while is okaiis


With love,