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Saturday 23rd of April 2011
Saturday was a very tiring day for moi because of a series of events

- Had Maths Tutor Marathon (just what we call our holiday 4hrs/4.5hrs lessons) @ 8:30

- Woke up late at 8:27 so I quickly changed and went off

- Arrived 10minutes late but luckily lessons just started

- Didn't get to eat breakfast so I gradually got tired after 2 hours and although sir gave us a very quick break I didn't feel like eating

- Finished class at 12:40ish and I went off to Neeta City to shop for mum

- Went in Big W first to buy chocolates and since it was Easter they gave everyone a Big W enviro bag with our shopping

- Drop by in the bargain shop to buy markers for discs and I bought this cheap brand that I had never used before and turns out 1 out of the 3 markers were working when I tried it at home ugggg SUCH A CRAP BRAND and the RED pen has to be the one working ugggh

- Made my way to woolies and bought a range of things such as 6 bottles of 2.4L juice (and man was it hard to get them because they were on the highest shelf and you know how the bottles are big so when you get a few down they get deeper and deeper inside so I had to stand on the shelf and tippy toe to get the rest)

- 1 carton of ice-cream (god they put the most popular flavour, cookies n cream, on the top shelf and yet again I had to put my whole body in the freezer because the ice-cream was all the way in the inside) ....

- 2 bags of smoked salmon (mmmmhmm my favourite!), a box of chips in preparation of school, 3 bottles of pepsi, 1 travel mug

- After woolies, went to Sushi Hub to buy 2 rolls of salmon and it took me three times to understand the chick to how much it cost

- Missed the first lift to meet up with mum so I waited for the next round and because I was hungry I ate 1 roll and guess what? it took that long for the lift to come down again and there is not that many levels at neeta city and I was taking my time eating

- Ate the other roll while waiting for my mum

- Finally got picked up and came home it was 2pm already, rest, tried to study and watched Running Man

- Got readied for church that is at 8pm

- Went off early to hop in at Woolies at Neeta City because I forgot to buy something

- Mum and I took 20mins in total and I was sooo tired from carrying the pack of those small bottled softdrinks (the ones that has a weird brand) to the car

- Continued to Cabra church because Fairfield didn't have a viet mass and to our surprise the carpark was ChAOTIC because there were people both coming in and out

- Thinking that there wouldn't be that much people at church today and that English mass has just finished we strolled towards church

- To our HORROR, the church was dead packed already and was more crowded than the last two days and it was highly impossible to grab a seat

- Mum and Andy found one but I couldn't for me and my sis so the rest of my family just gave up and stood outside

- Dad found chair for my siblings to sit on and during mass he even sat down on the pavement as well as other people but I chose to stand

- Man I was so tired from standing in one spot and thank god I wore my small heel boots not my other heels

- Got bored here and there so I eradicated my boredom by looking at babies because they were everything

- There was this really cute girl outside that we had saw for the past few days and she was cute as ever ... but don't why this time she was really scared of Anthony (my bother) and she even cried when he looked at her so I scolded my brother to not look at her and everytime she turns her head she would want to cry .... the poor girl

- Mass was like 2 hours and we finally get to go home

- Walked back to car and was stuck in the traffic of other cars, took a while for us to be able to get out

- Family decided to eat at Maccas at Villawood so that we would get a different toy

- Ordered 3 happy meals and 2 cheeseburgers since my parents don't eat and only snack a bit and wants the coffee

- I had a cheeseburger

- Went off again to order soft serves and 2 coffees and a chocolate frappe for myself :D

- So when I went to order ... man the chick was soooo confusing and we did the order 3 times because she kept doing it wrong and asked the obvious

- Order came through

- I waited and the guy gave me this drink and said it was the frappe

- I looked at it and was like WTH this doesn't look like frappe because there was chocolate topping at the bottom and was much more smooth looking but there were cookies on top

- the chick gave the guy a weird look and was like the frappe is still in the blender and then there

- was a moment of awkward and he was like omg hahhahh yea it is oopps then what did I made here

- and me still being clueless she then was like he made it wrong for you so I was like okaiis and he was like asking me to try it and I went blank

- after a few seconds then I was like pardon because they were both looking at me and he siad try it again so I tried it and man it was the weirdiest hting I ever had

- it was like chocolate milkshake with chocolate topping and cookies and it was very very sweet and THICK

- he was like how was it and I was like its very thick .... and he smiled yea

- he continued making my drink and I waited for my whipped cream

- finally my drink was done but I had to ask him if he blended the cookies in the drink because it was blended so well that I didn't see it and he was like yep I added it in

he also gave me his created drink and I tried my frappe

- rating 2/5 .... since he was a newbie at it the frappe was sooo plain because the measurements wasn't right and the cookies were blended in too much so you could barely taste it and yea it wasn't the best

Thats the end of yesterday man my legs now are tired from all the walking and standing. GOing to try and sleep early as we are doing a very last minute party for Andy turning 2 since we can't do it on other days.

With love,

Black Pumps

With all the shoes I posses, I do not have black heels at ALL ... how upsetting :( I always fall in love with shoes of different colours as beautiful black heels are never in my sight.

What I really really want and would love to call my baby are Black PUMPS. I always try to look for them but they are never right. 1. They are too tall or 2. They are too ugly.

Today I remembered and browsed online and found 2 that I LOVE! One at Wittner and the other at Peeptoe but of course I don't have the money to buy them so all I can do is to admire them.

Wittner - Hottie in Black
Price: $159.95
Patent Leather
12CM + 2.5 platform with foot bed padding

* Moi needs to check this out in store to see how it fits and if it suits moi

Peeptoe - Miss Buckingham in Black
Price: $249.00
Patent Leather
12CM + 3 layers of cushioning

111 things about moi
To spice things up Im going to do 111 since its my consists of my favourite numbers/digits.

1. An optimist and very very simple minded that includes being clueless at almost everything surrounding me = inability to observe people

2. I HAVE to brush my hair before I sleep (unless I'm dead tired sometimes) if not I can't fall asleep and I HAVE to brush my hair every morning

3. Loooveeees everything about high heels and loooveees to wear them

4. Obsess with collecting cards like loyalty cards ... anything sleek and plastic

5. I can watch movies/dramas/series OVER and OVER again without getting tired of it even though I know what is going to happen and if there is a sad scene I can still CRY in it after soooo many times eg TITANIC

6. Shy and quiet ... I can only pretty much converse when being approached not the other way around

7. Shopping is my hobby yet I rarely get to do it

8. HATE HATE PLAYING SPORTS ... hate most physical activities because its tiring and scary

9. I love drinking tea especially Green Tea

10. Always love to try new foods/cuisines

11. I have someone in my heart that I love very very much and I will never stop loving that person

12. I don't laugh a lot and ... maybe because I have a pretty dry sense of humor therefore its hard for me to laugh at things that people would usually find funny

13. I love traveling and I want to see Thailand, Dubai, Europe, America ... just to list a few

14. Hates being restricted in terms of my freedom, reflecting my starsign very very well

15. Hates being bored!

16. Loves to cook but no where near good

17. Sweet tooth - loves lollies, chocolates, cakes, jelly, icecream etc

18. My dream is to own a walk in wardrobe

19. I am a Catholic, Australian with a Vietnamese background

20. Cares a lot about my skin especially my face hence the mirror is my Best Friend

21. I love NICE scented items such as candles, stickers, PERFUME, pens etc

22. My top three values are friendship, love and happiness

23. I cannot be forced into doing something that I don't like to do (exceptions can be made)

24. Pretty honest and direct ... doesn't like to beat around the bush

25. My immune system is not the best and I can get sick very easily through colds and throat infection ... its always my throat or nose

26. Favourite subjects are maths and english and most hated is Science

27. Loves board games and card games

28. Favourite PC game of all times are The Sims

29. Very weak girl who can't lift anything .... fight against insects even baby spiders ... can't stand foul smells

30. Forgetful + short term memory .... very very short term where I can't even remember what happened a few weeks ago and because of this I barely remember any of my childhood, primary school life and high school life

31. Internet is part of my life ... I can't live without it

32. Very good with kids ... a lot of children likes my presence

33. Loves eating fruits ... most of them except for some like Kiwi, Orange they are ok but not what I would choose to eat

34. Loves seafood except for fishes that has too many bones and prawns

35. Loves listening to music

36. I carry a beauty bag with all my female necessities and some first-aid items

37. Finds it difficult to show others my thoughts and feelings ... I look neutral/calm most of the time or like if I don't care and sometimes people misunderstand me for that

38. Had a vision to have a family before being 30 but now I only want marriage and no kids

39. I as a person have changed thanks to life experience/s through my friends. I use to not think about how others would feel but now I can ... well most of the time and Im trying my best to improve ... and I just became a better person ... more mature

40. Daydreams and blanks out a lot

41. One of the accomplishments in my life was a few years back when I made the choice to stop eating lots of junkfoods and drinking softdrinks 24/7. Best decision ever because I adopted healthier lifestyles at school and home and controlled my weight to be who I am today .... since I don't exercise (well rarely)

42. Strong belief in hope. That its always there but it only depends on each individual to feel it if they had lost touch of it

43. My favourite TV shows are Prison Break, THe Amazing Race and I believe soon to be another favourite is Friends

44. My favourite cartoons of all times are CatDog, Daria, Wild Thornberrys, Powerpuff girls (yes thats how OLD I am), Pingu, Original High 5, Madeline, Magic School Bus, Bananas in Pyjamas, Tracey McBean ... just to list a few

45. I love my foods plain, rarely used sauce at all

46. Altough I'm a sweet tooth but I can't stand overly sweet items such as meringues and pavlovas and strawberry cheesecake

47. My favourite dim sim of all times are the PRAWN DUMPLINGS. They are THE BEST

48. Shiny objects attracts my attention

49. I'm easily amused by toys that makes sounds, music and movement

50. Loves karaoke

51. I love being with nature but with the condition of no bugs being near me and most favourite places must be beaches

52. Fascinated with items that gives off smoke effects and water flowing down things

53. That is why I LOOOVEEE FOUNTAINS! one of my dreams is to see the Trevi Fountain and flip a coin and make a wish

54. Hates smoking but I would still befriend a smoker if there is a chance in the future. I just can't stand the smell of it and the many hazards on health it has on the individual, society and the environment

55. HATES SPIDERS! They are my fear near phobia JUST CAN'T STAND THEM and other bugs too but not as much as a spider

56. I always wondered if I was given 3 wishes my first wish would always to not have overly excessive hair/hairy genes from my father UGH and the second is to have more wishes kekkeke

57. I don't eat my meals with a chopstick but a spoon instead or sometimes fork

58. HATES TOFU can't stand it ... it is one of my most hated food and also BITTER MELON and BAMBOO SHOOT

59. Can't drink coffee at all. Its just too bitter for my liking and therefore I can't stand anything that is bitter

60. Loves watching most genres of movies espeically ACTION, HORROR/GORE/THRILLERS etc (you get the idea all of those), ROMANCE, CHICKFLICKS and COMEDY

61. Loves flowers! the sight of it, the aroma of it ... just everything they are so beautiful ... seeing them brightens my day

62. I organise my clothes according to type eg. singlets with singlets, jeans together, jackets together, dresses together etc and I fold my home clothes on the bottom or rarely worn going out clothes. Thats the ONLY way that I organise my clothes and in terms of seasons I just take out overly warm items for summery seasons

63. Hates people who talks very foul and acting all cocky when they can't even speak properly without saying a foul word every two words. GOD ITS SOOO ANNOYING

64. Hates people who spits on the streets!

65. I'm a very loving and kind hearted person once you get to know me and depending on the type of person you are then I will decide if I will show you this trait of mines or not

66. I don't judge people ... most of the time like on the first time seeing them until I experience what that person is like themselves ... and Im very accepting of people who are different (eg. gays, bis, transgenders etc)

67. That means I'm accepting of people with a disability as well and I HATE IT when people look at the disabled as if they never saw one BEFORE. GOD it pisses me off just walk and do your own thing instead of staring at them.

68. I respect other peoples opinions and I don't butt into other people's businesses and therefore I'm not the gossipy type

69. I'm pretty clumsy and this reflects in 2 mobiles that died and 2 apple earphones that I broke so far with other things as well

70. Likes to spend time watching makeup tutorials and know more about makeup even if I'm rarely wearing makeup

71. I love facials and always want to go to a spa

72. My most favourite Male Korean Band are: Shinhwa, MBLAQ, GOD

73. My most favourite Female Korean Band are: Miss A, 2NE1, Davichi, SES

74. I used to play the keyboard but only advanced into level 3 before stopping. I still enjoy playing from online tutorials but I can't play any songs since I always end up getting too lazy to finish learning/teaching myself how to play X_X

75. I also use to do Vietnamese but stopped at Year 2? and at that time I was like in High School

76. I was baptised at a really really old age for a catholic family I think I was like 3-4? Toddler age. Apparently, I was baptised before going to Vietnam so my grandparents wouldn't nag my parents to why I still wasn't baptised before

77. I only use Dove shampoo and deodorant

78. I like wearing my rings on my middle finger especially if I'm wearing only one ring

79. I have difficulties in wearing bracelets with elastics in them because when I wear them it pulls on my hair and hurts a lot! So I only wear chains one or strings. IF BUYING ME BRACELETS GET ME A CHAIN ONE. Its sad when I really really see a nice bracelet but then its elastic :( This also applies for some types of watches

80. A few days before an event or outing I always plan my outfit out for the day and try clothes on to see if it matches with the event + shoes if i'm bothered

81. Loves to gamble during games

82. Always have to have a tissue box next to me on bed for certain reasons .... but mainly for my nose that runs here and there

83. Not good with playing games but I enjoy them like adventure, shooting etc

84. Can't stand eating the same foods more than a few days except for some foods that I love then I can eat them longer

85. I sometimes drool when I go to sleep .... yea especially when I'm tired X_X

86. Loves reading movie synopsis, goofs, interesting facts before or after a movie

87. My favourite accessories are rings then necklaces, earrings and bracelets

88. I only like to use wallets in the style of clutches or small slim ones for cards + minimal cash

89. When I speak Vietnamese, I speak both North and South combined together even though both of my parents are from South

90. When I was younger, I cried easily ... how embarrassing like playing in a pool and if I was picked on too much in a joking way then I cry X_X

91. Impatient person

92. I always wear thongs in the shower now after having this thing on my toe but even when its healed I still wear thongs because I like the comfort of it rather than bare feet

93. Loves using body butter at the Body Shop to hydrate my skin. It smells good and works so well

94. I believe in fate and destiny

95. Can't take in a lot of hot foods they are nice but if its too too hot then I can't eat it


97. Big fan of OPTUS plans eg phone and broadband and I will only use Optus and also Integral Energy

98. Telemarketing annoys me ... Energy Australia annoys me ... these sort of things ANNOY ME

99. I like to read abusive stories (eg. child abuse, murder cases etc) because they interest me more than romance and that is why I love reading A Child Called It

100. 11 is my favourite number because back to forth it still reads 11, and in flower language it means "in this 1 lifetime your the only 1 i love"

101. I am the second child in my family with an older sister, younger brother, younger sister and then a baby brother

102. I had only traveled to Vietnam 4 times and places out of Sydney such as Coffs Harbour, Bega, Boarder of Victoria, Botany bay

103. Never been to a Hotel before, only motels

104. My nickname as a child was Be Ti I think it means very small and a lot of my family friends or family friends that we haven't met in a long time remembers me by that name

105. Linda was never really my name; it has no meaning ... my parents just added Linda spontaneously in my name so that it's easier to blend in Australian's society. My name was actually my viet name only given by my grandpa which has a meaning.

106. My right hand is much bigger than the left ... more than the average of other peoples and its very noticeable in my fingers as one side is much much thinner than the other

107. I have breathing difficulties, I don't know how to breathe properly

108. My neck and shoulders always hurt and ache everyday after entering high school for always carrying the big BAG and I always try to put as little as I can in my bag

109. My most favourite colours are pink and red, followed by pale and light shades

110. My little brother broke the bridge of my nose a few years back with the TV remote (and I didn't even have a fight with him!) and now its bruised there

111. Jupiter is my favourite planet and happens to be my starsign planet


some items that I bought ....
To my dear blog,

I finally made an attempt to publish a post and now I will try to make an effort in posting regularly. A long time back I had purchased some items and now I will share it with you.

1. This beautiful pink/rosy scarf I fell in love with at DMZ? Its not an average scarf but very similar to a round scarf but a bit more edgy and fashionable.

2. A black simple dress @ Mink that my mum bought for me and I wore this at my long long time friend's party

3. @ the glue sale (went on the second week of the sale) bought a white Henleys top with yellow logo

4. On the same day of glue sale, I bought these lovely beautiful earrings at the markets! It was in those dream catchers type of shop and the shopowner was an old lady and she was so adorable. I also bought this car's pen that was sooo FUN and I walked by the sugarcane place and they gave us sample of their new drink: Pineapple + coconut juice + sugarcane and it was DELICIOUS. I looveeed it! It was just so nice and different and I wish I can have it again and again.

5. A simple white laceish dress at Cotton On

1 month late .....

Its been one month since moi had not blogged and the reason is .... its because moi was lazy.
Moi had things to blog about but just couldn't be bothered so here is finally a post since days ago.

OMG I have MBLAQ's album 3D special edition and I LOVE IT. I got it as a surprise gift and its BEAUTIFUL. So its in a hard case box with the image of MBLAQ imprinted on the front. But, what's special about this cover is that is like a hologram effect where you flip it forth and back and you see another image ....

Then when you lift up the case you will be welcomed with 3D glasses, a black booklet filled with MBLAQ goodies inside such as photos, lyrics, and korean descriptions that I CAN"T READ. Nevertheless, I LOVE IT because some images are 3Denise and you view them using the glasses which is sooo CHICK hahahhaha.

At the back of the booklet, is a DVD of MBLAQ and the making progress? I think but I haven't watched it yet. Then at the bottom of the box is the beautiful CD of their album but the design on top is just a plain black while my other album had raindrops pattern.

THE CD features their extra new songs and I JUST LOVE IT.

Here are the images:

These are photos in the booklet which has the 3D effects