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Unis ....
So I went to Miss P for my interview on Friday and she gave me booklets and guidance on Business/Accounting/Commerce and answered my confusion. I also got booklet from a special someone as well of UTS and it was awesome because Miss didn't have UTS.

Went home and didn't touch them until yesterday night and I now have a rough idea of my uni preferences and what courses I want to do .... I might change mind later after going to those Uni days but here it goes:

1. UST

Scholarship for Bachelor of Accounting

UTS offers Bachelor of Accounting but you can only get in the course through Scholarship. Even if I'm not the top student, but why not apply for it? I will apply as soon as theres the forms in Miss P's office. The course is very different to others and you get admission through atar and interviews. Of course the higher the atar the better it is but UTS had stated that students with atar of 85-95 will still be considered as they choose students through the criteria which would be analyzed during interviews. SOOOO fingers cross that I will be at least given the chance of 1 round as there are 2 rounds of interview. ALSO you can be interns too as an account!

The course includes 9 Core subjects, 7 compulsory majors + one you pick, a second major and honours.

Oh and I am very very considering doing Honours if I'm good enough in the other course.

Bachelor of Business

LOVE LOVE business! This is my second option if I don't get scholarship and the cut off for last year was 92.45 so maybe I might make it (shrugs)

But it has 8 cores subjects + one of your choice + a major (I am definitely doing accounting) + second major (thinking about International Business) or 2 sub majors (for the sub majors I am really liking International Accounting and Small Business Accounting.... yes I LOVE ACCOUNTING) + Honours

2. Macquarie University

Bachelor of Commerce - Professional Accounting

So far looking at the unis I had researched, only Macquarie offers this Bachelor Degree of PROFESSIONAL ACCOUTTING. ATAR cutoff last year was 83.7 ... how awesome is that :D
According to the average starting salaries for accounting graduates in 2009, the average graduate starting salary is $56,708


Bachelor of Commerce

It has a high atar but the subjects are really good. For the core subjects theres 4 mandatory but you can pick the other 4 which at least can make uni more interesting with this course but not sure about this yet .... have to go to their open days to see if I like it

So far thats my favourite courses and unis that I really want to go so far.

I was thinking of USYD but not anymore because the courses they offer for commerce is very very limited and not only that they don't state that you will be acknowledged accreditation with CPA Australia and the Institute of Chartered Accountants but a possible chance according to the units.

With love,

Some Videos
Firstly, I follow this make-up artist/ blogger/ mum and her name is Kandee and shes really awesome and cool! I love reading her blogs and watch most of her youtubes. One of my favourite youtube video is of how to do your eyebrows.

oh god I learnt so much from her and I regret it sooo much for not knowing about this earlier even though she only recently uploaded it but her tricks here are awesome I LOOOVEE IT

heres the video for beautiful eyebrows

and also she did a cooking one with her chocolate cupcakes and I tried to do them and they were soooo YUMMY I recommend everyone to try this recipe! Heres the video:

Okaiis secondly I AM LOVING Song Ji Eun's new solo song called going crazy (shes the chick from secret). It reminds me a lot of Love the way you lie by Enimen and Rihanna because she sings the r'n'b/ballad while it features a new rapper in Korea. BUT OMG I LOOOOVEE THE SONG itssss soooo good and their voices are beautiful. THis is the best solo song so far in the industry and I just watched ther live on Mnet and it is the prettiest stage EVER with the roses and the spotlight on her playing the piano.... everything is just soooo beautiful and suits the song very well i looovee loovove loove

the MV:


With love,