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As mentioned in the previous post, X (a Nutrimetics consultant in which I will not say her name) came over to my house to do the free facial as promised soon after the Chicks at the Flicks event.

During that time, my two gals was with me so I asked them to join and they agreed. X came to my house and unraveled, from her HUGE bag, Nutrimetics goodies after asking me what type is my skin. She brought out a nice pink set and it is called Hydafinity. There was cleanser, toner, exfoliater, Mineral mask, Eye Rejuvenator and moisturiser.

Cleanser: was gel base in a tube, felt really good on my face (note X applied it for us) and smelt really nice, everything smelt really nice hahah

Mineral Mask: I purchased as it has natural ingredients, makes your skin super smooth, clean JUST REALLY DIVINE, can be used not only as a mask but also pimple cream!
, easy to apply and just plain beautiful

Moisturiser: felt very light and natural and I just love the texture

Then X did my gal with the same products and my mum with a different range after I was done.

Verdict: Nutrimetics skincare range is really GOOD! The set is really worth the money, it is not overly expensive, works great on my skin, makes it feel really clean and smooth and clear, smells great and order comes right at the door!

I will really order my skincare set after I'm done with my current one and I can't wait to continue being a frequent customer of Nurtimetics.

They have their own website too with other products and frequent sales so check it out as I highly recommend them