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Ever since moi's 18th, mum and I had been doing a bit of shopping and with shopping = shoe sale = purchase = my baby. Some time ago, we went to Liverpool Westfields and it was a horrible and stressful day but nevertheless I purchased 2 pair of shoes. The first one was at Sheriton Shoes and they were having a storewide sale. On the display shelf was this pretty, simple, tan heels. It was perfectly my style as it can be worn casually, easy to walk in with its laces, short heel height and was over 50%. Quickly searching for my size as there was only a few left, I found it and immediately took it to the counter while scanning for other shoes but with nothing I liked I purchased those babies for $60 down from $130 something.

Next stop was Wanted Shoes and on one side they stock up all of their sale shoes and what caught my eye was this beautiful fuchsia wedge. I picked up the size 36, tried it on and it was sooo beautiful as the height was perfect, fabric was gorgeous, nice straps and good price and since I always wanted a pink wedge I knew that it was the one. Unfortunately, it was the last pair 36 and was stained in the front so I asked the shop assistant about it and she ordered for me from another store and my mum only picked it up recently.

Price: $80 Saved: $70.

This week, mum and I went Fairfield to do some things and shopped and the best shoe shop with sales and brands are DSW (Direct Shoe Warehouse) at Neeta City. Mum and I walked in and I found a pair of flats that are mixed between red and pink with a bow, snake like skin design, in my size and only for $19 and after wearing it and seeing how pretty it was. I carried the box around with me for purchase. She also found a pair for $19 and as we were going to leave and pay for the shoes we didn't notice the 30% off stand for all "Glamour" Shoes. I saw this really beautiful black heels for my mum and there was size 5 and as she tried it IT FITS (as my mum's feet is really small and sometimes she doesn't even fit a size 5 so it was a miracle for it to fit) so I told her to buy it because it was just so nice. So she did but she chose the nude instead. Then I saw these black pumps. Same brand with a thick heel and when I tried it, it was sooo easy to walk in and I love it. Of course, as oppose to branded heels, the quality is not as good but it looks decent enough and I always wanted black pumps so I persuaded my mum into buying it.
Now I am SUPER HAPPY with all of my new babies and I guess it will be a long long long time before I will buy shoes ... well except for pink slim havaianas that I will buy soon.