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1. Parramatta gift shopping

As our English tutor teacher always throw her Year 12 graduates a Christmas party, my gal and I journeyed our way to Parramatta in searching of a gift for Miss D and also for my maths tutor teacher. We first went into Priceline to check out the make-up and perfume and browsed around for fragrances that are suitable for Miss (with the help of the shop assistant) but didn't end up buying anything as we wanted to browse around more. Note: Beyonce's "Heat Rush" smelt sooo good and the bottle was pretty too and I wanted to buy it for myself.

Walking down the centre, we stopped at a gift store and found a cute "teacher card" and a really nice jewelery box that was in a love heart shape, with beautiful blue fabric lining and is made of steel/metal sort of thing and is branded. I fell in love with the box and really thought it would be a nice gift so we added it to our list of "most likely buying" and continued browsing at other stores.

I think we then went into Typo and bought a travel mug with the "Keep Calm" logo. As we made our way to Myer's the perfume section we saw the Lollipotz stand, who makes the chocolates boutiques and they were really nice and we contemplated on whether or not to buy it. However, we didn't in the end. After buying "Red Label" at Woolies for my maths tutor teacher, in which I had to flash my ID and felt so happy to be finally 18, we ordered this Mexican potato at the Nachos, food court. It is like nachos but with mash potato instead and it was sooo yummy and filling and my gal and I was very full from it.

We decided to buy the card and jewelery box from the gift store and get it wrapped at the "free wrapping" stand at Westifields as both my gal and I hate wrapping presents and when all of the present shopping was done we had dessert at Max Brenner's.

We both indulged in their Chocolate Souffle and tired the White Chocolate Chai as I have seen on blogs that their tea pot is really cool and it WAS. Its in a red pot with clear glass and you can see all of the chai leaves. When you put it ontop of your cup, the tea comes out and as you gradually lift it up, it slows down the amount of tea poured in the cup!
It is really good to have as it will allow you to survive through the sweetness of the food and I will order that again. A teapot can pour around 3 cups.

Afterward, we went home and got ready for the upcoming party.