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Karaoke Night and Wagaya
21st December 2011

Woke up at about 9:30am, due to my siblings craziness, and made them breakfast while cleaning the house. The weather outside looked so gloomy and cold and I started to feel sad about not being able to wear my new jumpsuit that is red on the top and black on the bottom. However, the sun peaked out of the clouds, allowing me to feel its warmth and then I knew I was able to showcase my jumpsuit.

11:40am, Mum finally came home from shopping and I slowly packed my handbag for the night. In my Tony Bianco bag was tissues, bottle of water, my iphone, Oroton Wallet, deodorant, lip balm and pads. I got dressed and headed to the car about 12:15pm while spraying Davidoff's Echo Woman. Arrived at Fairfield Station in time for the train and saw my two lovely gals and hopped on the train and met up with the our other two gals.

So 5 of us, girls are finally together and we chit chatted on the train until we reached Central. Then we walked to Chinatown and stopped at Morning Glory (as we were early for our booking at K1 - Karaoke Lounge). Spending our time browsing in the store, we were able to kill time and made our way up and up and up the many stairs to K1.

We sang for 3 hours and during that time we had lots of fun with our girls rapping so well, lasting so long song after song, singing in Korean, lots of giggles and just enjoying ourselves. I ordered some squid balls right away because I was soo hungry but it tasted alright something I wouldn't order again because it wasn't worth the price and we also ordered fries near the end. The 3 hours went by very fast and we went overboard with our song list.

Finishing our Karaoke session, we walked into the asian store of all the posters and I was looking for Wheesung's album but I couldn't find it and saw such a cute MBLAQ calendar but I didn't buy it. While we were making our way to Wagaya, our girls bought some delicious custard puffs and also bribed our gal to buy $5.00 worth and she did.

Entering Wagaya, we were seated at the Booth and man seeing the menu again makes me sooo happy as I crave for their food. Pressing away on the touch screen menu, we ordered:

2 of our girls had to go home earlier so the three of us indulged in another dish which was a lightly grilled salmon and scallop sushi and of course the icecream. The bill was really cheap and we only paid around $25.

Before making our way back to Central, I bought 10 egg tarts because they are soo damn good and yummy at Chinatown. We caught the train back home and home time was past 7pm.

Had a really fun night and can't wait till Christmas is over and when I'm more free to go out more.