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3. Chicks at the flicks - Breaking Dawn (30th November)

This outing was long ago but I never recounted it so this is how it happened. Looking at the sessions for Breaking Dawn, I saw the ad on the sidebar of a "Chicks at the flicks" event for breaking dawn and was curious to what it is. It's an event held by event cinemas that is on at night for a girls night out and you get a free gift bag (tickets are a bit more expensive so I guess the bag is not totally free). So I thought it was cool and interesting and bought tickets for me and my gal at parramatta.

On the day, we came an hour early (as being told) and saw a few girls stands. One is an exercise and we put our names in a draw and got vouchers. Another one was skin care where I signed up for a free facial and also went in a draw to win makeup. The brand was Nutrimetics. The last stand was doing your nails for free but I didn't do mines because there was too many people.

Before our movie time 7pm, we were given our gift bags as we made our way in vmax and man the bag was heavy and had really nice things like a cute pad set box, body mist, food and magazines. We had a bit of trivia questions before commencing with our movie and I must say that this one is one of my favourites out of the franchise as it was funny but Bella is still awkward at times and they left out some parts of the book that I thought it would be good to keep.

Chicks at the flicks was really really fun because your audience is so much more fun to be around with and more comfortable to watch these "chick flicks" compare to the public as us ladies have the same interest in scenes, laugh at the same times etc.

LOVE the event and will go again in FEB for "THE VOW"