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2. Christmas Party

The plan was for my gal to pick me up so that we can arrive together at Miss D's house. My gal, like always, arrived earlier than I had expected and I just finished showering so I tried my best to quickly get dress and blow dry my hair .... all of that probably took about another 15minutes ish .
And also I have to pack my small handbag.

We went out into the car and got there past 6pm. On the way there, I did hesitate about my clothes being too formal because I wore my red jumpsuit (the same one as previous post) but when we arrived, there was heaps more girls being more dressy than me so I was fine. We were pretty early to the party even though it started at 5pm as they were just preparing the BBQ food and there was small crowds of people here and there.

Our first mission was to find Miss D which took us a while and I spotted her inside the house and she spotted us. The funny thing was, was that she was still really busy doing this and that and we were snapping away with photos so my gal and I couldn't give her gift yet until when the crowd died down that we were away to give it to her.

At the party we chilled, drank softdrinks, ate curry as our first dish then the BBQ food, salad and just talked until a magician walked in. He was asian and was doing card tricks. Since there was too many ppls crowded around him, my gal and I waited until he comes closer to us to watch the show. He was really good and interesting as our last trick was that we all select a card and he will find all of ours in all different ways.

So it started to get late and Miss got us a big Christmas Cake and it was soo cute. It was a chocolate cake with fruits and even Rudolph! My gal and I was one of the few first ones to get our cake as everyone was pretty shy to grab it off Miss' hands and the cake was nice.

Because it was nighttime, Miss came out with these really cool incense burner for mosquitoes but the wind was so strong that it kept blowing out every now and then and everyone kept moving from table to table to re-light their incense. At one time, some boys helped us to light ours and came back successful but soon after it blew out.

Getting a bit bored, we heard how a group was playing cards and so we joined in and played 13 in which we meet two boys. The four of us played and I lost the first round but after that my gal and I kept coming first and second and we were totally rocking that game. We soon took a photo and then played Cheat/Bullshit which went down to 3 people and we couldn't finish the game at all because we kept knowing who cheated and who didn't and when we stopped the game my gal and I decided to go home. We said our goodbyes to our teacher and went home.

Overall was an enjoyable party with lots of food, chilling and playing cards.