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18th Birthday
On the 11th of December 2011 (Sunday), moi celebrated her birthday. It was a house party with a theme of wigs! Unlike my sister's birthday ,where I had to help out a lot, this time I barely did anything except preparing some of the foods before hand, buy the alcohol and decorations and wig shopping and doing the music.

So on the day, I just cleaned the tables and table cloth them while tying up the balloons (but didn't hang them) and hanged up a few banners. The adults were doing all of the food and at around 3pm I showered and prepared to look all pretty for my birthday. At around close to 4pm the adults started to arrive, family by family and my friends came around 5pm. During my preparation, I had a birthday girl badge that lights up but when I opened it it already fell apart so I tried to glue it ... didn't work and then I used blu tack and it FINALLY worked.

Unfortunately due to many people's commitments, only 10 could make it from all of my invites but it was a great party and moi had soooo much fun.

F1 (Friend 1) arrived first and discovered me in my room still doing my hair and slowly getting ready to wear my wig to showcase them. F1 had a beautiful black and red mohawk. Soon after, F2 arrived and then F3. Funny thing is that I saw someone walking through the backyard through my window and I couldn't recognise the super tall person in black until she came in my room and BAM it was F3 omg her transformation totally shocks me and she rocked her wig sooo well that it looked REAL it was amazing and F2 had a awesome bright pink curly afro.

So we started to make our way outside, snapping away with photos then eating and me making Lemon Lime and Bitters and saying hi to the adults and accepting all of my wonderful gifts. It was very very enjoyable seeing the adults faces of witnessing my transformation in my blonde wig.

When I walked in the house at one time, I saw a long family friend and couldn't recognise him until he talked to me and everything and it was very strange because it has been sooo long since I have seen him and he had turned into a man since we played together when we were young as our families went on car trips together so pretty much the last time I saw him was many years ago. I offered him cruisers or Lemon Lime and Bitters and he opt for Beer hahhah which made me surprise as I forgot that he is such a "dude" now so I grabbed him a beer.

.... BLANK

All I remembered here is at times I was able to sit down and eat and drink and chat to the girls to make sure they are fine when I saw my family friend I tried to make him more comfortable as well and not isolate himself so much.

Then arrived was F4 and F5 who was picked up from Fairfield Station by my sister and appeared with NO WIG but I was soon comforted by the fact that they do and someone has them. Inviting them to sit down and eat, soon after F6 came and the wig session starts in my room.

OMG the GIRLS took FOREVER in there and everynow I will check up on them and slowly one by one has their wigs on and doing makeup and signing my cards. I hassled them everynow and then. SO while all of that happened, I continued eating and F7 arrived.

Poor thing must be so tired from the whole day of her commitments but she still made it and was the first one with no WIG so we forced her to wear my pink wig for the photos and shortly after F8 arrived with NO WIG as well. Sigh but I was happy that they made it so I was not upset at all.

Thinking that the girls should be finish, F9 and F10 arrived and so more wig and makeup time. I reapplied my lipgloss and I encouraged F4 and F6 to come out and eat as they were done and F5 was busy with helping the others with the wig.

Finally we were all done and came out at the same time with the adults showering all of us with compliments and loving our wigs. We took photos and unfortunately the girls only got a chance to sit for a while before we did the cake as some adults need to leave and I want to cut a piece of cake for them. Ran back in the house to change my wig into the pink one.

Bringing the cake out, an adult decorated my knife, I found some candles, my older sister and her boyfriend took the photos and someone gave me a lighter. Snap some photos which I was forced to smile with my teeth and it felt soo strange to have everyone's eyes on me. Also took group photos and maybe I was a bit nervous that I was going to blow the candles before giving anyone the chance to sing Happy Birthday before the beautiful F7 nudged me hahhah

The singing commences and I indeed was really happy and blew out the candles which took a while as they wouldn't go off and finally I did it and cut the cake. Then I had to do a speech which I hope sounded Ok as I never had done one before because everyone was just waiting around and here was one of the most stressful time. Cutting the cake, F7 helped me with and my mum and I both panicked as we found the plates but then not the spoons and it was just sooo stressful and messy. And of course F3 the master of our group cakes helped me with the plates and also the others.

Still couldn't find the spoons ,we took the forks and I finally handed out the cakes to everyone in my heels click clacking here and there and said goodbyes.

The girls continued eating and I took photos with everyone. At one point the adults were really hype with trying our wigs and went CRAZY and HYSTERICAL with them taking photos and laughing hahahha it was soo funny to see how much they enjoy it and even asked me to borrow everyone's wig for their Christmas Party so I have everyone's wig and will keep them safe so that I can return them to whoever wants them back.

We started to plan to play Black Jack and Jenga as everyone was done. I invited other family friends from inside the house to join us but only 1 of them did together with my family friend so we cleaned the table and took out the Midori.

For Blackjack, punishment was Midori straight shot and I can't remember if I lost the first round but I won the second and picked F9 to drink the shot. What I do remember is how F8 said it taste like COUGH SYRUP and damn it did!!! uggh it was disgusting.

We soon played Jenga and I split everyone in teams by where we are sitting and F1, F8, F9 was in one team. I was with the boys. F2, F3 and F4 was in one team and the last four in a team.

My team lost first as boys hands are rough and not gentle and our punishment was the Smirnoff Red straight shot and omg it was sooo strong and burning. I took out the bottle but there was only like around 1/3 left but was enough for all of our games as torture as I thought Midori was getting boring. On the table I also had a crusier while playing where my family friend opened the bottle for me as I can't open bottles. Then F3 went home at around 9pm and I sent her off with hugs and photos and poor thing she hates bitter so I had a shot of Midori for her and finished off her crusier. (I look after my guest)

We played Jenga for a while with the adults enthusiastically joining in and watching us and then we switched to playing 7. Maths game where you clap on any numbers containing 7 or multiple of 7 and we kept losing and not reaching 35. I lost one of the rounds and was punished with Smirnoff and lots of the girls was punished except the boys whose time tables is sooo awesome ... maybe because they are young and still alive with their memory.

I went off for a bit and saved F2 from a shot and didn't know that she had already 3. And oh all this time I still had my wig on hahha was the last one standing. F2 went into my room and lucky I was in the house and she was soo red from all of the punishment so I helped her out and made sure she is ok before going home and quickly made her green tea and for 2 other ppls (that I neevr gave too oops) and cake before sending her to her car.

I think we were still playing and then changed to other games before F8 had to go home and we had a very sweet talk before I sent her off with lots of hugs.

More photos and games and alcohol and lots of fun.

At about 10:40ish F4, F5, F6, F7 had to go home as F7 is still on her Red P's and is driving the rest home and we quickly gave each other hugs and goodbyes and photos again with some makeup removing.

Then there was F1, F9 and F10 left with the boys and we hanged a bit before F1 went home as she has work the next day and more hugs again.

Oh Yeah I forgot abt my beautiful 18sign that was signed by my friends and quickly gave it to other family friends as they are leaving home and I think at this stage it must be close to midnight because all I remeber is saying bye to a lot of adults and hugging them and thanking them and everything and saying bye to the kids.

Family friend was very nice to give me a goodbye hug and then there was F9 and F10 left and we planned to Karaoke as I have the set with very old english songs and was just waiting on my dad to set it up. We chit chat and when the karaoke was done we sang until around 12:40ish and that was when they both went home and more hugs.

That was a fun fun party with everything going smoothly, alcohol gone, lots of games, hugs and photos and wigs!