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Haven't been blogging for the past few days because of Sunday's event as we had a big party for my parent's committee that they are part of and the committee dramatically increased and is composed of 13 families including my family and all those families have children? So you can imagine how many kids was there if each couple has at least 1/2 kids.

So because for the committee they have around a 2 hour session of meeting, praying etc, my sister and I (luckily she was there to help me during those 2 hours) had to baby sit all the kids so the adults can do their thing. The children were all sorts of ages and was very very hard to manage as this one wants that, this one is doing something naughty, this one is too loud etc etc. I think to myself How do childcare centres do it? Then I had to babysit my baby brother, Andy. He just woke up before they were doing meeting and he threw a fit wanting my mum and cried for 1 hour before my mum had to bring him up with her.

Sometimes all things were calm, sometimes chaotic and went most crazy when the rain was pouring and the kids kept running out to the rain and I had to put them under control. When the adults were finally done, it was time for dinner and I was sooo tired from the babysitting I barely ate and had to feed Andy and then do other things. Then I have to keep checking up on all the kids, see how they are doing, if they need anything and

While dining, I suddenly became the photographer and had to photograph the whole night. What was so difficult was that sometimes the camera won't take the photo and jsut keeps focusing even though I clicked on it so the adults complained a bit for smiling so long but all was good. I took some really great photos.

Everyone finally went home at around 9:30pmish since its a Sunday and the house was fifthly and a mess from inside and out and we had to mop the whole house because it was sooo horrible.

Moi then showered and went to bed at 11:37pm and even though moi was tired but couldn't help but to watch Vampire Diaries until 4am XD