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Tee's Cupcakes
Today at about 11pm my gal picked me up from my house to meet up with my other gal at Canley Vale's Tee's Cupcakes to have brunch.

Arriving at the carpark, we walked towards Tee's Cupcakes and it was my first time ever to step inside it and the interior is ok, neat and simple and cosy. We ordered from the menu a Ham, tomato and cheese sandwich toasted, Green Rose tea and a total of 2 Blueberry Macaroons and 5 Hazelnut Macaroons.

The macaroons were yummy as always and I slowly indulge in the biscuit's soft shell and into the beautiful cream of flavour. It was SO delicious as I haven't had macaroons in months and was dying for it.

The Green Rose tea was ok as it was really plain and you can't taste the tea but its fragrance was splendid. The tea was simply green tea with rose petals and something something ( can't remember the description) and it was $4.95 for a pot.

Chit chatting and having our girl time, we left after more than an hour and went home.

Brunch was fun and relaxing and in the future I can't wait to do it more often and when I get my P's to drive.