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These days I have been shopping, mainly at Mink and I cannot help myself from buying these lovely clothes that are on SALE. Every time I walk in, there is at least 1 dress that catches my eyes and I have to contemplate on whether or not I should buy it and whether or not I love love love it. Like today I had to stop myself from buying a lace dress in Mink for $19 because I know that I have too many dresses.

My new clothes all started a while back when my mum bought me these 2 cardigans (only have photo of one) that she bought at trade secret for me and they were only like $5 and I love them. One is black long sleeve and the other is sleeveless and the other red and black stripes and they look so good when wearing out top with a simple singlet and shorts or 3/4 pants.

One day, browsing at Fairfield, I went into Mink again and saw a pretty peachy formal top sitting on the $10 rack, drawing me to come near it and try it on. After trying it on, it looked so good on me that I purchased it as I posses no formal tops that I can wear to church and other occasions. It went down from $30. Few weeks later, my sister and I went to parramatta and we went shopping! There we both bought tops at Tempt. I bought a blue thin sleeveless top with collar and is one of my first official blue top (as I only have a singlet that is blue) and thanks to my sister she paid for it. The top I think was about $20 and I couldn't believe the amount of pretty shorts they have in stock and so cheap too but then I have too many shorts already so I didn't touch them.

We also went into chick-a-booti and she bought a top which she gave to me as it is too small. Its like a bat style very loose and baggy.

Few monts later, went formal shopping with my girls at Parra again and after concluding our mission we went into Mink in which I spotted on the $15 rack a dazzling orange and white dress and was immediately drawn to it. Being unsure at first if the front was too revealing or loose there, I tried it on and it sits perfectly on my body without it being revealing or loose and I immediately bought it as I feel in love with it and was more than 50% off so you can't say no to such a bargain!

Just a few days ago, at Fairfield once again, I went into the store I think its called DMZ something like that and browse around while waiting for my mum. Then I saw a floral white dress with beautiful details on the front and back with the fabrics overlayering each other especially on the back with a cut on the lower back and a zipper. Searching for size 6, I found it and tried it on. The dress looked soooo good although a bit short but it was so beautiful and summery and just beautiful. I contemplated for a long time as it was $19 from $35 and I have many dresses at home but I end up buying it using my textbook money I sold to the girls at school and it made my day. I CAN'T WAIT TO WEAR IT. It's soo pretty well all of my dresses are so pretty.

Today after the exit interview with Mrs Archer, went to Fairfield to ask about job at 2Fuse but unfortunately I fit in all of the criteria except for 1 EXPERIENCE (sigh) I regret it soo much for not doing retail and do work experience as I am unemployed for not having any experience and all of the employers are looking for experience.

Anyways, I then went into Mink again as Mink always have nice sales and bought a top for $7 down from $30. It was sooo pretty and cute. At first I was really unsure about the top because I can tell that the fabric is thin and it didn't look that fab but when I tried it on it looked really cute on me just need something to wear under and so I bought it. There was peach (which I wanted but no size), blue and lavender and I chose the lavender.

And there is all of my purchases so far in terms of clothes and also of course my lovely formal dress from The Light In the Box a super good website with really good customer service, great quality dresses but with sizing a bit fussy as they make their sizes really big.