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11/11/11 Formal
A new layout. A new post. A new start in blogging again.

Moi's post HSC life has so far been good, stable but boring. Good: freedom/carefree, no more stress, have more time for me. Boring: no job (as I keep being rejected) = staying home and baby sitting nearly all day.

Many events and exciting adventures took place and one of it is Formal in which moi will recount today.

MMC Class of 2011 Formal took place at 6:30pm at Oaklands House in the Garden Suite

Woke up at 8:00am and bought breky at Subway for my mum and friend ( who came over to do my nails) and myself

Verdict: best breky ever from a food outlet, was more filling, healthier and worth the price.

At around 10am, mum's friend arrived at our house and we soon later did my nails and toes

2 hour session of cleaning, shaping and french tiping all my nails in white with top coat.

Drying process was so difficult! As I accidentally damaged my right thumb twice while trying to find something and forgot about how fragile my nails was

Prepared for my 3:30pm appointment for hair and makeup at BACI hair Fairfield

Service: 10/10, Communication: 10/10, Environment: 10/10 and Price: 10/10

I love that place, they were so friendly and professional and the price was really worth it.

I was charged a total of $110 and it was worth it because:

- my hair was wash and blow dried
- my curls were done section by section then pinned all up and later then taking them one by one off and shaping it etc to pretty curls instead of just using a curler and only curling, makeup was beautiful

Unfortunately, my sense of time was horrible and it took around 2 hours when I assumed the most will be 1 hour leading to my girls waiting for me for another hour as I was suppose to my at my girl's house latest 5:30pm and that was the time I finished my session
My hair and makeup with my babes on the night

Went home quickly and I immediately dash to my room (luckily I packed my clutch already) so I just shoved some jewelery

Messily put on my silicon stick on bra which took a while and wore my long long long dress

then put on my Glamour Puss Lace Heels

wore my jewelery on the car and finally arrived at my girl's house

hopped on her car at the back and off we went to our destination

The Formal:

Our crew arrived not much past the original time 6:30pm and placed our foot on the pavement in which I kept stepping on my dress due to the inconsistency of the pavement

Took some photos and on the grass as well where my dress got stained from the dirt and heels sinking in the wet grass but luckily my heels were wood so no stains

Continuing walking down, we viewed the beauty of the function and entered our suite, showing our formal tickets and finding our table (Table 12) which wasn't that far and sat down, waiting for our entrees

Chit chat, scanned the place, took so photos before speeches was made and our entrees came
It was lasagne and something else that I can't recall but soon after I swapped with my babes because the lasagne was much nicer

Its either we talked or more photos before our main came

There was Beef Steak with sweet potato (which I ate and find it decent and yummy) and this chicken roast thing which I tasted and didn't like the sauce very much

Took photos outside, with teachers with group and others

With our homeroom teacher

The real party started at around 8/9 when the DJ started pumping more music and the dance floor lights were dimmed

However, the song choices SUCKED and the DJ was sooo horrible so I indulge in dessert instead and was the worst course of the night

There was a chocolate pudding and mixed berry crumble

Had the crumble and hated it and the pudding was alright

Rihanna started to play and that's when all the fun began with dancing

From then more and more dancing with breaks in between and just having fun

I felt so proud of myself as my heels were at least 12cms and I survived the whole night without taking it off and dancing hard on the dancefloor until 11:30pm but of course with every now and then sitting or photos when the music sucked

An incident happened during the night which I will recount:

- Sitting on our table with my other two girls just chatting, we spotted the assholes of table 11 looking at the dancefloor and mocking my babes with her dancing as my two girls was on the dancefloor

- We did nothing as we watched table 11 and scanned them first
1 guy did the mocking then 3 guys in total as they all start mocking my babes and then they decided to go over to the dancefloor

-Immediately my girls and I stood up and walked towards our girls (LIKE CHARLIE'S ANGELS) and this is where I phased out

- But they were surrounding my girls (the three assholes) and I (think) I shoved between then and pulled my babes over to the side and broke their master plan and gave them glares as they retreated and gossip about us and I was eyeing them as they look back at us girls on the dancefloor

- now thinking about it I regret doing that because I should had shoved them harder or knock them over or whatever ... I was too NICE

- we ignored those bastards and danced again and enjoyed our time instead of being like that and just sitting there acting all cocky and drunk

Overall, Formal was really fun as we danced and danced and we just know for sure that we will have so much fun in the future at a club where there will be better DJs.

Did not arrived home until past 12:10pm and my feet was tired! The funny and sad thing was that suddenly I got thigh cramps early in the morning from wearing heels more than 5 hours straight and couldn't sleep until I rubbed and massage it with ointment and finally fell asleep and slept for another two hours. NEVER had I have such horrible cramps before.

Our tired night out.