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my beloved blog ...
I had left you for too long and now I will beautify you with my life story/s.

Firstly, let me decorate you with my purchases from over the weeks.

1. My Sass and Bide black rats ARRIVED like early June and I LOVEEE THEM.

Finally my rats came on the 9th this month but I didn't get to pick it up until yesterday the 15th. Even though the wait was long from BrandsExclusive but it was worth it because it arrived the next day after it was being delivered.

The box was small and cute with its brand printed on the outside. Gently ripping off the sticky tape, I unsealed the box, revealing a neat sausage shaped item wrapped in beautiful pink tissue paper. I took it out. Unwrapped it and found my rats concealed in another plastic wrapping. I took them out, unrolled the pants and immediately tired them on.

They were beautiful, sleek and sexy especially worn with heels and extremely comfortable, more than tights, even though they look tight. The design on the sides are unique and the shininess of the black makes the rats very sleek and edgy/sexy especially when topped with heels. Because I'm short, the 'rats' are a bit long but other than that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. LOOOVEE this and will never regret making this purchase.

My first Sass and Bide item and I will always treasure it. I cannot wait to wear it out one day!

2. Tony Bianco 'Tandi' bag

At originally $79.95, I fell in love with this bag on Tony Bianco as it was on sale, however it was still $60 something and I had to give it up. A week ago, my sister and I, checked out for the sale again and it went down to $30! A beautiful bargain for a beautiful bag. Soon after, I purchased the black one and plus delivery was free too so even more of a better bargain. Within one week, the bag came and it was gorgeous. The design is absolutely beautiful. Many pockets and places to put your belongings and two straps as well where you can wear it as a handbag or a shoulder. Sadly, you can't adjust the long straps and they are pretty long too ,making the bag look ugly but its handbag length is perfect so I would rather wear it as a handbag. Its easy to wear and very comfortable and so I absolutely love this bag and its also my first black bag as well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

3. Palmer's Gentle Daily Cleanser + Night Renewal Cream

Today (30th June), went to Big W to purchase a Ben 10 toy for my brother and to the beauty aisle to buy myself a new cleanser and night cream. Contemplating over whether or not I should use a new product because Dove does not work for me and Nivea not anymore and Neutrogena refills for the Wave Power Cleanser are pretty pricey, Palmer's caught my eyes because it was on sale. I picked out the cleanser and night cream and I can't wait to try it tonight. What I loved about this product is its use of many beautiful ingredients such as Cocoa and Shea Butters, Milk Proteins, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E and I have great faith in this product that it will make my skin beautiful. If its perfect, I will go and buy the day time moisturiser as well. Also, the night cream packaging is very cute. Inside the box, the lotion is placed in a cupcake looking like design ,rather than just the box, making it extremely cute and pretty. Smells great and easy to use.


Used it and atm my skin feels soooo smooth and fresh. The lotions smelt great but a bit thick though so it was hard to squeeze the cleanser out of the lotion and rub it on my face. But I love it, great so far and I can't wait to see how my face looks like tomorrow.


Morning came and my skin is sooo smooth, soft, fresh looking and CLEAN. Love this product and I will use use use it.

4. Black knitted top at Mink

Was $60 and went down to $35, although not 50% off but was good enough, I fell in love with it while in the change rooms and had to purchase it because I don't have many knitted clothes and long sleeve tops. I love the knitted design on the top and the back design of the buttons and now I am eager to wear it when im going out.



5. My scarf!

Today, I received my scarf from brandsexclusive i bought it because of its top quality of 90 something % cashmere and the rest silk. I LOOVEE the colours its two tones of orange. However it was much thinner than I had expected, but I still love it and its beautiful. (CBB to take photo)