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10th of June 2011
Today was staff development day and my mum and I went off to spend the day together to have breakfast and buy my Dad his birthday present.

In the morning, with my siblings, we went to drive them to school, in which I walked them inside, and departed off to Cabramatta to have breakfast. We ate at red curtain (with my mum and andy - baby brother) and had some of my favourite dishes. Next, mum went grocery shopping for Pho while I looked after Andy playing on those rides (the ones that was infront of the big newsagency/lotto place). Poor Andy he was looking so sad because he saw the other kids playing on them with money in them, although he played with money too, and he kept nagging me for money but I didn't have any so he was very very sulky.

Mum finally finished and we bought sugarcane before heading off to Fairfield. Man my feet was starting to get tired from the heels, even though they were soooo short, as I was putting a lot of pressure on my toes. I couldn't stop it because the heels were so low .... maybe its because I'm use to higher heels and that wearing short ones are so tiring.

Arrived at Fairfield and both my mum and I had to go to the toilet. We went into Coles and shopped a bit before heading to the Man to Man store that sells all male clothing from leather jackets to tux. The store was 50% on tuxs so we purchased one for my Dad because he only has 1/2 and its pretty old. After a long time analysing the tux and controlling Andy who was being very naughty because he wanted to buy some toys randomly, we finally chose one and purchased it.

Walking into K-mart, we searched for a Bey Blade stadium for Anthony's late birthday gift for my older sister and bought a gun for Andy. Walked around a bit more before going home, my feet gave in to the pain but luckily we were in the car already. Took my heels off and my poor toes were all red with the shoe engraving marks onto my skin


and other stuff happened too but I cant remember because I was working on this post and forgot to blog it up

But at the Man to Man store a lot of things happened .... lets dot point this

- Unzip the bag and the zipper broke on us ....

- Dad tried on the tux and the pants was too small so we were going to plan to exchange
as quoted from the store assistant we can just bring it in and get it exchange

- dad decided to exchange on the day he was going to go out at night

- went by himself and was all angry and piss when he came home

1. because he was charged $10 for a delivery fee since they didn't have a size (which we were unaware of)

2. they didn't let him get another bag, indirecting implying that its our fault
3. he asked if he can get another pair because he needed tonight but when he picked it out they wouldn't let take only the pants (my assumption is that they will me missing pants for that suit and they have to order another = loss of money)

- at home I had to call them up and file a complaint the guy then said that we can come in to get a different pants but parents had to go already so obviously he doesn't want to come

- mum just told me that we will come some day and talk to manager

- 1 week after, we came to pick up the pants and complained at the store

- lucky the guy who had served my dad was not there and we were looked after by a more respectful and decent guy

- who had apologized to us after hearing our story, gave us a new bag, treated us very well by calling the manager etc and to put in a bad word for that guy he also said that the manager will us to say sorry etc

- next day manager called and apologised etc

Moral of the story being translators for your parents and having to express their anger and dissatisfaction even if you yourself don't think that its a big of a deal