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Tee's Cupcakes Macaroons
YUMMY! been craving macaroons forever and finally I had them yesterday from Tee's Cupcakes at Canley Vale.

My beautiful babe bought them for me and I had one of each flavour :) It was sooo yummy and the sweetness was PERFECT. It wasn't as nice as the Lindt ones but was decent enough.

There was Blueberry which was MY FAVOURITE ... looovee the Blueberry one that was the nicest and yummiest out of the batch so if you want to have some you MUST get Blueberry.

Then my next favourite would be Vanilla. The cream in the Vanilla one was just beautiful and I love it. The funny thing was that I had Coconut and Vanilla and they were the exact same thing just the outside is different so don't buy BOTH because they are pretty much the SAME.

Third favourite was the Strawberry it was really nice and yummy.

Then Chocolate which was pretty normal and simple ... not as yummy as the rest and not something that I would be craving for but meh if you like chocolate then have this one.

Last and not least PASSIONFRUIT. This one was FUNKY and very very unpleasant it tasted so weird that I didn't even finish it and tastes yuck as well. WILL NEVER HAVE THIS AGAIN.