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Lip Cream + FLATS
So during the exam period, moi had fallen in love with NYX makeup products but unfortunately their online store is only within the US but fortunately their are sites such as EBAY that can provide these beautiful products to customers like me. But the price changes dramatically until I found this user 'Joy's Cosmetics'. She provides NYX and not only that even the whole collection! or you can pick a few out of the collection.

I really really want to buy the NYX soft matte lip cream which is
"Neither lipstick nor lip gloss—this is lip cream. A new kind of pout paint that goes on silky smooth and sets to a matte finish"
So really it looks like a lip gloss but sets like a matte lipstick, hence being a lip cream. It comes in 11 shades and I LOVE all of them so I want the collection and right now buying US items are SO CHEAP and shipping is so cheap for SYD too. GOD SOOO TEMPTED TO BUY but I'm saving atm and trying to spend as least as possible. The colours are gorgeous and I love how when it dries it becomes a really pretty colour. Apparently when it dries, the colour will be like on the bottle no the swatches. LOOOVEE LOOVEE LOVEE. Here are the pics below: I want them sooo MUCH. Flats ... browsing around looking at shoes and I had been checking out these pretty flats. I don't own any flats except my beautiful bright peep toe but I want another one where its more 'normal' and everyday wear appearance.

I picked out these really cute flats at Wittner but I would have to see it for myself to see if it suits me.

I love the design and detail on the top - beautiful black leather

In red

In black

These lepoard print at Tony Bianco are SOOO PRETTY and sleek and stylish but all the sizes are GONE! so I hope I can purchase later on in the next round.

Also these were at Peep Toe that I saw someone sporting them once and its very cute and elegant. The pink one had been on sale a few times but never this one so hopefully my sister and I can catch it in time on the sale.

I can't wait to go and window shop (sigh) when I get the chance to watch FastFive maybe after English Listening Task. MAN I HAVENT SHOPPED in 'years'

With love