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26th of May 2011
Yesterday moi could not help but to purchase a pair of NEW BOOTS and unfortunately they are nude (as I possess no black shoes) because the black one did not look pretty! so I cannot say no to these nude beauty.

Ventured out to Big W after school on Thursday (because Yr 12 has early leave) and other places too to do some shopping. Like any other days, I went alone and I LOVE IT. Being alone on buses etc makes me feel comfortable and carefree and I just can't stop expressing how much I love it and how I don't need to conform to a group :) and if people choose to accompany me then its fine as well.

Arriving at Big W, a friend tagged along with me and lets just call her X ... hahah poor X she went all over the place with me at fairfield and what was funny was that she had a thought that I have part time job because of the way I spend and go fairfield every now and then (only when sales are up) but no I don't ... I just live off Youth Allowance :D

Back to my journey, first off went into Big W to check out these boots ... WHY? because they were only $40 and its cheap because I spotted the exact same style in Dotti the other day on the shelf standing by itself and it was over $100 (I think) and at Big W it was the SAME ... in terms of colour, style, heel EVERYTHING WAS THE SAME. Of course the difference is is that one is synthetic leather and the other authentic but meh still looks hot

Dashed to the shoes and went to search for the sizes ... sigh it was only the second day of sale yet all the sizes are gone :@ at first I only found a nude in size 7 and black in 6 tried them out and both sizes perfectly fits my feet but the nude one was just tooo beautiful so I bought that and with the help of X we found a size 6. Also bought some liners as they were on sale.

Here is my new BABY:


Next was Woolworths where I bought milo cereal and Woolworths party meat pies for my mum. These meat pies are SOOO DELICIOUS because they are made fresh in the Deli section and its just sooo YUMMY with the pastry and everything YUM. We only buy them on sales though but these pies are the best! Much better than the ones in the freezers with the brand.

After, went off to Aldi to buy pads since they are much cheaper and I need to reduce my expenses so bought some packs. Luckily, a new cash registry opened so I was served first instead of waiting on the long long line.

Went back into neeta city and ate sushi with X as it was still early and I needed to wait until its nearly 3 to pick up my siblings from school. After eating, walked to their school to pick them up and finally went home.

God I was sooo tired from all the walking around everywhere with my bags as well but with my new babes totally worth it.