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19th of May 2011
Yesterday after school, my sister and I went up to the city to go shopping for a bit. We left the house at 2:30ish and caught the 2:50ish train from Yennora.

Because at Yennora station you can't buy tickets at the counter, we had to machine it which means my ticket would be more expensive. My sister was persuading me to get child ticket but I said no due to the fear of being fined and did it the right way by purchasing the student ticket.

Luckily, soon after on the train, after a few stops, an officer hopped on our carriage and checked our tickets and my sister was like she had never got her ticked checked before and I jinxed it. On the other hand, I was sooo happy that I did the right thing instead of listening to my sister.

The train ride was long and it felt forever. My eyes started to feel droopy from the glaring of the sun and I just wanted to sleep.

We arrived at Central station and OMG my sister had to take the long way to market city area to go to Westpac. We exited the UTS way and went a whole circle around when we could had taken the other exit where the bridge was. I coudn't stop complaining to how she took the long way and she had moments of regrets too. Arriving in time at the bank before 4:00pm, my sister went to deposit money for her Q-Dance tickets to the company (because she works for them by selling tickets) and after that we went up to the Q-Dance building for her to do some other things.

Next, we walked to the pink jewelry shop (the pink one next to event cinemas) called So Good and I bought a precious ring before leaving.

We walked back to Market City and I bought this really cute brown knitted cardigan from the centre because of its clearance for only $20!

Shopping around more, my sister didn't end up buying anything while I bought the lady bug earphones at Typo.

Then we went to eat at Wagaya and the place was beautiful with its interior, friendly, polite and quick service while a touch screen menu that allows you to order at anytime and review your bill. I must say though that its better to get together in twos as the servings of the food are ideal for two people. A big group will mean you have to order a lot!

My sister and I ate in total $58 hahahaha but it was worth it because the food are sooo yummy!
And I will list the foods we ate with recommendations and photos that I found on google because I didn't take any :)

I think thats all we ate .... there was this dish that I wanted to cry but my sister doesn't likes soy bean so I will try it next time.

Overall a great Jap cuisine restaurant to go to with a wide range of foods, friendly and quick service and I would love to go and dine here again.