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some items that I bought ....
To my dear blog,

I finally made an attempt to publish a post and now I will try to make an effort in posting regularly. A long time back I had purchased some items and now I will share it with you.

1. This beautiful pink/rosy scarf I fell in love with at DMZ? Its not an average scarf but very similar to a round scarf but a bit more edgy and fashionable.

2. A black simple dress @ Mink that my mum bought for me and I wore this at my long long time friend's party

3. @ the glue sale (went on the second week of the sale) bought a white Henleys top with yellow logo

4. On the same day of glue sale, I bought these lovely beautiful earrings at the markets! It was in those dream catchers type of shop and the shopowner was an old lady and she was so adorable. I also bought this car's pen that was sooo FUN and I walked by the sugarcane place and they gave us sample of their new drink: Pineapple + coconut juice + sugarcane and it was DELICIOUS. I looveeed it! It was just so nice and different and I wish I can have it again and again.

5. A simple white laceish dress at Cotton On