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1 month late .....

Its been one month since moi had not blogged and the reason is .... its because moi was lazy.
Moi had things to blog about but just couldn't be bothered so here is finally a post since days ago.

OMG I have MBLAQ's album 3D special edition and I LOVE IT. I got it as a surprise gift and its BEAUTIFUL. So its in a hard case box with the image of MBLAQ imprinted on the front. But, what's special about this cover is that is like a hologram effect where you flip it forth and back and you see another image ....

Then when you lift up the case you will be welcomed with 3D glasses, a black booklet filled with MBLAQ goodies inside such as photos, lyrics, and korean descriptions that I CAN"T READ. Nevertheless, I LOVE IT because some images are 3Denise and you view them using the glasses which is sooo CHICK hahahhaha.

At the back of the booklet, is a DVD of MBLAQ and the making progress? I think but I haven't watched it yet. Then at the bottom of the box is the beautiful CD of their album but the design on top is just a plain black while my other album had raindrops pattern.

THE CD features their extra new songs and I JUST LOVE IT.

Here are the images:

These are photos in the booklet which has the 3D effects