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Monday marks the third week of school and of course Valentines day.

Moi had been very very lazy for the past few weeks so moi didn't blog at all. Its not that moi had nothing to blog about but its just because moi is to lazy; so here moi goes.

Firstly, during like the last week of holidays my MBLAQ album came and I was soo excited to open it when mum gave me the package. Unwrapping it, the most gorgeous album cover EVER was revealed. It was a sleek black case in an 'M' shape with BLAQstyle imprinted in the front. Inside the case was the album and another thin black case. I opened the album. IT WAS SO PRETTY. The disc had rain drops on them and the album case too to signify their concept and song 'CRY'. Of course there would be a booklet inside the album with lyrics and in this one their were solo photographs of the MBLAQ members with messages inside ... damn but its in korean.

Album + Case (flash)

Album opened (flash)

Album opened (no flash)

I then opened the other thin case and inside were beautiful photographs of each member. (2 for each member). They were close up shots with their hot eyemakeup and wet hair.


No Flash

With the package, I unfolded the poster. The poster was with MBLAQ floating in the water with those drapery white outfits.


No flash

And with a bonus, stickers from the site that they had made themselves. There's four in total but here its only three because one I had placed infront of my diary.

No Flash


Secondly, school. So far school is manageable, a bit tiring, but it's ok.

- Workload is ok not too much
- Marks from term 1 is ok not too bad not too good but EVERYONE is dreading about Maths
- New rooms are ok EXCEPT ENGLISH GOD I HATE THAT ROOM (sigh) because everytime we turn on the fans its pumps up the stereo with this buzzing noise (sigh)
- Notes is ok ... a bit behind but I can catch up
- This term is ok but I am very scared for next term
- New homeroom teacher ... sigh Manageable
- Strict rules are not fine because no nice bags on thursday
- Need to look pretty for photos (OUR LAST)
- And looking forward to our last swimming carnival EVER

To be continued later because moi is going to rest for tutor

With love,