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Swimming Carnival 2011
Today was swimming carnival and let's say I had a very very relaxing day. For the first time in my life I did not participate in any novelties except the water volleyball. Because I didn't do much, I think thats the very reason to why I was sooo tired from boredom and the heat!

It was overall a fun day. Things happened but at least we took quite a few pictures and I recorded some random videos as well.

MAN what was so annoying was the Year 11's WORST GRADE EVER. They are sooo god damn annoying and LAZY. GOD us Year 12's did so much more than those girls ... tsk tsk and overall the juniors was just bitchy and model wannabes.

YAY cheerleading this YEAR ARENA came EQUAL 1ST PLACE whoohooo this is like first time ever because we kept coming last or second last but when I watched them up there .... I was like damn this is soooo GOOD we are definitely top 3. OSHANE wasn't even that good and I had a feeling they were going to get 1st place again and they DID OMG uggggh
well at least ARENA got 2nd WHOOHOOO so proud of my house.

Only if we won the whole thing too but damn Oshane too good hahhaha its sooo funny how its tense between Arena and Goolagoog because we keep switching from 3rd to 4th vice versa.
I hope we still get 3rd place >_<

One event gone a few more to go ... sigh its already nearly march closer to our half yearlies closer to the days where we would be all dead with fatigued

well a shout out to my group on monday Im going to pass DVDs around for everyone to copy our retreat videos and last years MMC day and I was going to do the swimming carnival as well but since we haven't used up all the space I wait until then, then I give it out :D and of course our swimming photos

With love,