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This is my 'continued' post from a few days ago but I got lazy and occupied with work. Continuing on, second thing is KPOP world. So many new songs out there so many news.

Lets start off with my beloved MBLAQ. HEARTBROKEN my poor boys are all worn out and injured (sigh). First off Mir was admitted to hospital and had surgery on his lower back = 4 members performing only and no matter how many times I had watched it the stage felt so empty without Mir. Then Lee Joon was admitted to hospital on Valentines Day right before their Inkigayo stage and he had cochlea disorder and thank god it was not severe! Now theres only 3 members left and because of that they had stopped performing for the past few live performances. I HOPE THEY GET BETTER :(

So they had been promoting stay since January and no awards yet :( HOW TRAGIC their album is soooo good and they are not being rewarded for their hard work yet (sigh) and they don't have long because in March they are going to JAPAN. On mnet countdown they were sooo close in wining as it was between G.NA and MBLAQ and unfortunately MBLAQ LOST :(

No offense, I like G.NA but her song is not as good as STAY.... MBLAQ IS WAY BETTER WATS WRONG WITH THESE KOREANS (sigh) I hope they can at least win one award ... just one (sigh)


This repackaged album contains the 13 songs from their first full-length album, plus three new songs. Reportedly, the songs were composed by the MBLAQ members themselves.

Now Im devastated because I want this ALBUM AS WELL :( sigh I missed out on so many good things for buying the album early (sigh)

Well the sad news are over and my ranting for MBLAQ

But congratulations to SECRET! They are sooo awesome and they won Music Bank again whoohoo I love these girls and their new song. They truly shine here with finally a song that shows their talents and its being recognised by many people.

Okaiis new/old songs are in the INDUSTRY AND I LOVE THEM

My favs are (not in any particular order)

Kan Mi Yeon - Paparazzi
I love this song its sooo catchy, especially the intro when she says "YESSSS" and her dancing in here is AWESOME and cute. Heres her second debut performance on Music Bank

Another song I love is Kahi's new single "Come back you bad person". Well as a hot dancer I knew this song will have lots of dancing in it and upbeat and it was. I love the song but I hope there would be more singing instead of the beaty part of the song because her voice is beautiful and her emotions and mood and tone of the song is perfect just the sudden beats make it a bit random for my liking. My most favourite part is the intro with her vocals + rapping

Heres her debut performance on Music Bank.

ANother song that I love and that has been out for quite some time is Tok Tok by Mighty Mouth ft. SOya. Soya is Kim Jong Kook's neice and man she is damn talented. Her voice is beautiful and I just love it. The balance of her sweet voice with the rappers are just too good and I just love every performance of theirs. Note: in the MV they use another chick not soya and below is their latest performance on Music Bank with the beautiful Soya

Another song that I love is Beautiful girl by Brave Brothers ft Hyomin (my fav member in T-ara). I LOVE THIS SONG its just sooo catchy but wats sad is that her voice was autotuned throughout the WHOLE SONG WHY? god it makes me sad because I love her voices yet this song erases all of that but after listening to it a few more times I put up with it and enjoyed the song.

Heres the MV:

With love,