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Sigh so envious atm because my sister came home with a:

Fuji Instax Mini 7S POLAROID CAMERA!

OMG after WGM I believe that everyone had an obsession with wanting a Polaroid camera and my sister got one from her boyfriend. We tried it out and although the photos are small (it is a mini camera) the quality of the photo was awesome. The camera was sooo cute and easy to use. Her one is exactly the one below. ISNT IT PRETTY!

:( Now I want one too but a different camera with loads of film kekekke. The camera she bought it from $150 I think somewhere around there with film inside of it already. Yes its expensive to keep buying more film but its Polaroid! POLAROID.

I really wish I have one.... and with my wishlist I want the Lady Gaga Heartbeats earphones because I find that Apple is not loud enough for me. I REALLY WANT THOSE EARPHONES. They are soooo pretty and I want to save up for it after I buy something that I'm been saving up.

I had devised a saving up money plan and its working perfectly :). I started in the beginning of the month because leaving money in my account = money gone from over spending.

Its been only 3 weeks of school and it feels like a term. (sigh) I AM JUST SOOO TIRED and a bit stress every now and then but its manageable

Next week is going to be busy with photos, swimming carnival and movies and right now I have A FACE CRISIS uggghhh wat to do on photo day... sooo many problems so little time

tests are coming up and I am nervous because for maths I really really failed in our first 2unit exam and (sigh) so ashamed of myself but oh wells wats done is done I guess I have to work extra extra hard

sigh getting tired so going to watch something and tomorrow buy newspaper and post my form for voting in the mail

nightie nights everyone

with love