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What I want to do in the future with my other half.....
When I think about what I want to do in the future with my other half (laughs), as in when I get married, a few things pops in my minds and I want to list them ... well most of them ... the ones that I can remember.

Not in any particular order:

* Go to Dubai for honeymoon or holiday. MAN I WANT TO GO TO DUBAI SOOOO MUCH

I want to stay in the Burj Al Arab 7 star hotel (the only ever existence 7 star hotel in the world!). Go shopping at the largest mall in the world! Its soo big that you can go skiing on the top levels ... see aquariums on the bottom levels and shop at the same time. Then I would love to play in Atlantis water park = the biggest one in the world and see the most spectacular fountain in the world and step on the largest man made island in the world ...

* Go to the beach the whole day. Watch the sun setting and walk bare feet on the sand during the night. Hands held tightly and just enjoying the beautiful scenery while talking

* Bungee Jumping!

* Go to theme parks and ride all the rides and roller coasters etc

* Go karaoke and dance in clubs hahhaha seduce my babes with my moves kkekeke

* Own a boat and ride it out to the sea ... away from all the chaotic stress present on the land

* Cuddle together on a couch and watch our favourite movies, series and dramas

* Snuggle in bed

* Play around in our own indoor spa

* Do house chores together ... shopping together ... cooking together ... a lot of things together

* Go to concerts

* Pack the car and go on car trips to places outside of Sydney hahah enjoy ourselves

* Go to a spa together for baths

* Watch the NY's fireworks in the city

* Live in a nice suburb like Cecil Hills ... away from all the suburbs down here .... and even further away in the future future hahhahaha

* Learn how to play pool and be taught by my babes .... hahhha with skin ship even if our skin ship is perfect and natural

* Kiss in a swimming pool during the night hahhaha

* TALK! ... a lot

* Have steamy showers together hahahah

and I think thats all for now

With love,