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Very late post
Well .... suppose to write this up ages ago but I didn't get the chance to until now.

I wanted to blogged about some of my interest :D

(EDIT: this was suppose to be for 2 days ago XD)

and what's up first is some things that I want in my dream/future wedding.

1. An engagement ring + wedding band from Tiffany & Co.
Well of course the fact that my love one gives me any ring and I would be happy because the thought counts but it would be an extra bonus of happiness for me if its Tiffany & Co.

Below are some engagement rings with wedding bands and these are around 2-2.5 carat

2. A Vera Wang Wedding Dress.
The dresses are so gorgeous with beautiful material used and the designs are just beautiful! I would love to be married while being in them.

Here are some designs:

3. Christian Louboutin Bridal Shoes.
My favourite shoe designer. His shoes are just so damn SEXY with his signature red bottom and I just love his designs.

4. Walk down the aisle accompanied by the tune of Pachelbel Canon in D.
A live performance of the song would be awesome :)

5. Have the ceremony at a place where the nature is beautiful, peaceful and quiet.

Another Interest I am into is cooking. I'm so excited to cook/learn in the future :). What I really want is to learn some of my mum's cooking after the HSC XD

I want to learn how to cook from my mum:
- Pho
- Curry
- This particular steam fish and stuffed fish that I really like and for me its really rare for me to like fish because I hate it
- Some chicken dishes
- Congee
- Spaghetti (can never remember how she makes it)

and some other dishes but I can't think of them atm

I also want to learn techniques on how to spot fresh ingredients and different type of fishes etc.

I had even been collecting recipes off the internet and catalogues and filing them. The sites that I had only been on so far is Wollies (still on this one) and Weight Watchers with tips on how to use certain stuff.

And with cooking I'm so into Bento Lunches. They are soooo cute and adorable. Its just inspirational seeing the way how people create such interesting lunches hahhaha I will definitely try making them in the future. I really want to buy the whole kit and everything as well :D

Heres a blog that I found in which she makes Bento and below are some of her lunches :D THey are sooo cute and she even says on her blog what she uses and how too

LINK: http://mybentolunch.com/

One of my favs. Look at the chicks created from the eggs! >_<>

This one is another favourite as well its OSOO CUTE

The flowers were made from egg yolk with food colouring

And isnt this COOL. THE ICECREAM CONE is an egg that is dyed in colour and carve into a CONE!

With love,