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RECAP ....
(sigh) its already so close to the end of holidays and I am getting lazier and lazier by the day.

Today my whole family went to Jamberoo with other families and I wanted to stay home so that I can be by myself and go tutor, which I ended up gigging because it was sooo hot and I CBB. They all left at 8:30am and I had the house to myself. I was up for another hour on my bed, drifty sleeping and surfing the net.

- Showered, brush teeth etc at 9:30ish
- Came out at 10 and made breakfast which was Cheese Toast
- Went on the computer to download dramas
- Went on mac again and skype :D and reserach about this serial killer named John Wayn Gacy
- Play Prison Break Season 2 around 11 something
- 3:00pm still watching Prison Break
- Around 5 went to bring in the clothes from outside
- Continued watching Prison Break
- 6 something family came home
- we ate dinner, rice with some dishes and cooked up 2 small crabs to eat since Dad went to catch some with a friend yesterday night

So to sum up my day hahahah I spent my day just watching Prison Break (sigh) My day just goes by so fast (sigh). Well I'm not motivated to do anything till its school and then I will be working my ass off.... hopefully


LOVE THIS VIDEO! MY MBLAQ IS SOOOO CUTE especially Lee Joon and G.O such dorks hahhaha

.... to be continued one day

With love,