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Random things
I watched this yesterday and it was a great video because I never thought about styling up scarfs hahahah my favourite one is the turtleneck and it shows 7 ways to wear a scarf.

ohhh My obsession for tea is growing and in the future I want a really pretty tea set with the pot, cups and saucers and cute tins to put the tea leaves in :P

so far my favourite teas are Jasmine, Green Tea and a new one I tried called Milk Oolong.... I can't wait to try new flavours in the future and I would so buy them at T2 teas because their teas are awesome... I also want to learn how to make tea properly .... when I have time

And of course, in the future I can see myself walking around with a travel mug of hot tea instead of the coffees hahahha plus tea is healthier for you :)

I want to buy an oroton coin purse because my wallet is big and sometimes fussy to put in my bag when I want to carry little things. There was one on sale but I didn't like the design so that means keep waiting .. I love the signature design of Oroton

I really need some kind of shoe rack and I want a shoe cupboard instead so its more neater and clean..... hopefully dad can build me one

I want to learn some piano pieces from tutorials and I downloaded them but..... I at the same time cbb to learn X_X

Its going to be less than a month to school and my amount of work I had done is not good at all OMFG I have not even read my english book yet (sigh) I will start reading some time next week

and thats all I think .... I cbb to think anymore just not in the mood to do anything writing or calculations so im going to watch Prison Break :)

With love,