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Plantar Wart
FINALLY today went to the doctor's to get my Plantar Wart treated, since I had it for a couple of months and it got worse. Its located under my big toe and it started to bruise and swell around the wart because of the virus.

Went to Cabra doctor since my Fairfield one was on holidays and I waited for more than an hour and a half before being treated... man I was sooo terrified because my mum had one similar too and she got it burnt and she tells me how it hurts when the injection goes in so it numbs ur toes so it can be burnt to the flesh ..... god I was sooo worried...

My mum asked if he's going to inject anything and at first he said no but since I wanted it he did it for me..... Closing my eyes with my hands covering my eyes and my biting my lip a bit, the injection went in and OMG the PAIN! He stopped and I thought it was finished but he did it again on a different spot and finished up all the medicine ... which I guess is better than having it all in one shot ....

Then he burnt my wart .... well he didn't burnt it he freeze it instead and I was like omg is he preparing me to get it burnt but in the end he only freeze it YAY .... I don't know if it hurts but because my toe was numb I didn't feel anything except for a bit of breeze of the very cold gas on my foot. It was OVER.

Doctor just advised me that
- my tissue there is dead, it will start to peel in about 1-2 weeks
- blisters will form and not to pop them
- if its pop then I have to clean them up with antiseptic
- if its painful drink some painkillers
And I can get it wet so thats good.

Finishing with the doctors, went with my mum around Cabra a bit before going home. Man my foot was sooo uggghh hurting and numbish and all sorts of stuff and pain sometimes here and there .... its a bit better now ... its still numb though .... and most likely going to do it a few more times because its the wart is so deep in my skin.

Mum and I hopped in Fairfield Forum a bit to K-mart. I bought some more school supplies while Mum bought shoes.

Then we finally went home and now I'm just resting on my bed.


Yesterday night after listening to MBLAQ's new album BLAQ style it was sosooooooo good I absolutely LOVE ALL THEIR SONGS! They had improved sooo much ever since their last few singles and coming back hotter than EVER! They are going to be sooo awesome and I can't wait for their comebacks. I just hope that they will win one award (sigh) its hard since they are up against DBSK.... seriously their album is better than DBSK. Anyways my most favourite song is of course Stay and Cry. Their vocals had improved, theirs more rapping, they are more charismatic, their dancing is still smoking hot and they are just soooo AWESOME. Worth the wait.

Because their album was soooo good, I purchased it online on KPOPtown. It comes with the album, poster and their stickers for only $19ish in AUD :)


And loving their two teasers hahahah can't wait to see the whole thing and add it to my playlist.

Oh and I am loving this chick :) .... check out her channel she is sooo awesome and I love this SONG especially the chorus... she is so talented

With love,