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Australia Day
Australia Day must mark my first HORRIBLE DAY of 2011! Ever since this year, I had never had a shitty day until the 26th.

The day started off positive. Family went to Homebush to the pools with another family and I wanted to stay home because its boring to go alone and I had a feeling that they will go over to their house.

Had the house for myself but was left two chores. My WORST NIGHTMARE. Mopping the whole house myself and the dishes. Yes it sounds like nothing but to me its A LOT. Really.... I don't do much at home. Mopping alone todays marks the second time in my life as I had always dried and dishes .... (sigh) is not my thing. Dishes was ok I guess but I don't like mopping myself. So I decided to eat breakfast first then do it.

Made pasta for myself, the pasta in those packets and ate it. While watching TVB and sipping on juice, I finally did the chores nearly at 1pm.... During the time before and during cleaning, I felt really upset because something happened (sigh) It was fate for things to turn out like this so I guess being upset was stupid ..... oh wells

After doing all the chores, I went to take a shower and came out and ate again. Finished the rest of the pasta and napped because I was soooo tired.... I was tired even before cleaning (sigh) I day to myself would mean that I get to relax as in find enjoyment in what I'm doing but I slept. Woke up and watched TVB.

Made instant noodles at night because family wasn't home yet and I was greeted by this BIG coach roach. I squealed and ran for my life. It was sooo scary (sigh)

Then it wanted to thunderstorm and there will be all these crazy winds and sound for a long time but it died down and never thundered.

Also my neighbour was arguing and man I heard like loud voices, glass? broken etc. It was on and off and it happened again at 11:11pm my favourite NUMBER


Then I became bored after TVB so everything was much worst and just feeling down and upset.

So here goes to my shitty day because my mood was sooo fucked up.

With love,