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7th of January 2011
This year had been awesome so far! hahahah LOVING IT

Today went with Dad in the morning to look at computers and we bought a package which comes with:

- Windows 7
- 27 inch Acer monitor
- 1TB storage
- 8GB Ram

hmmmm wat else? Can't remember but since we couldn't get a discount we got instead a virus program installed for us for free and a box set of speakers too hahahha because my Dad bargained with those.

Picking it up on Sunday, hopefully and yay I can't wait to use it even though its going to be my brothers but I sooo want to play the sims 3 on it kekkekek and burn!

Then we went to Liverpool Westifields with family.
* Shopped in Myers for a while before walking outside to the Toys-r-us section
* went to priceline and bought shaving gel (I cannot use soap its horrible) and a Dove cleanser
* Met parents at Athletics foot?
* Then went in Guess with Dad to look at jeans and I discovered how he reek! ugghh since he did two jobs in the morning and didn't shower.... god I nearly died and I remembered how he doesn't have any at home and I was disgusted with how unhygienic he was uggghh
* Went to Big W while Dad took a phone call and told Anthony to tell him that I was at Big W
* My mission was to get some DEODORANT asap. Found some Lynx roll on and bought it
* Came out and Dad was in the front and gave him my present hahhaah
* Met mum and looked at some things before going out to foodcourt
* Bought McDonalds and head up to the cienmas with my siblings
* Watched Tangled and the movie was AWESOME it was soooo good! Its funny, romantic and sad hahaaha I cried in it XD. My siblings loved it too
* After finishing, went home

and Now i am going to go off driving soon whoohoo finally I can go after all these months but my problem is is that I can't turn hahhahha I suck real bad and two days ago .... suddenly my dad bought me out to Woodville road the main road and I panicked turned bad = up on the curb and nearly hitting the pole hahhaha oops yea......

With love,