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Wow I realized that I haven't blog in ages and how I will start blogging frequently again ..... well hopefully I will.

(PS Click on the photos to magnify it :] )

Now its the holiday and the year of 2010 is behind us, I am very excited for 2011 and to renew myself for the HSC. Even though I did shit this term, I want to do better next year and I know that there is a chance for that to happen.

Now what happened today. Yesterday, I was exhausted from doing my Business assignment till late at night combined with fatigue from doing zumba for sports. (yay no more SPORTS FOREVER) therefore I slept early. AND my girls were so sweet yesterday by surprising me with celebrating my BIRTHDAY ... I actual forgot and I was really surprise when my girls had the cake and my card ahhahahha I even asked who was this from X_X ... THANKYOU to my girls for everything :)

This morning I woke up and decided to clean my room because it was atrocious. I didn't went on the MAC to let it rest from the continous nights of downloading and OMG I LOVE OPTUS because they upgraded our plan to 1000GB! 1000GB and I had downloaded so many things already .... so excited to download all the things I had been wanting to download.

Then my sister dragged me out to Liverpool Westifields to go shopping. We went out of the house around 12pm and finally arrived inside the parking area at 12:47 because of the sudden heavy traffic at Liverpool. Unfortunately, parking took us another 20+ minutes and we landed inside the shops at 1 something

We entered on the BIG W level and went inside top bargain for my sister to buy some stick tape and we ended up buying some Christmas earrings :) I bought a pair of angels which is below:

I also bought Colette flower earrings, which I absolutely loved.

We walked past the pet shop and there were baby rabbits that were soooo cute and adorable and there were these 2 white bunnies that looked soooo cute .... and they were so white and beautiful.

Next stop was Forever New and I saw my jumpsuit on sale, when I bought it for full price.... (sigh) MAN such a big regret... should had waited

After browsing in many shops on the first level, we went in Sportsgirl. There I found a dress that I fell in love with. (sigh) it was so beautiful when I stepped inside and saw the manikin wearing it. So I quickly searched for it and found it on the rack to my left. Scanning for my size, I found the only size an XXS and since it was stretchy I excitedly tried in on. I loved it so much so I decided to buy it and because we had my mum's visa, I decided for my mum that this is going to be my birthday present from her. YAY THE DRESS IS MINE....

SOme photos (it looks weird since its flat against my bed but it has ruffles on the top and its short at the front and curves longer to the back + strapless)



I was soo happy and held it tightly against me. We went to toy r us soon after and looked for my brother's toy, which sold out, but my sister bought this big toy and we had to go back to the car because we cbb to carry it.

Went back, shop a bit more before we had our lunch at 3ish. My sister ate curry on rice and I had sushi.

After finishing our meal, we went to Wanted before going downstairs and I saw my beloved Glamour Puss shoes that I had always wanted and my sister's gift for my birthday. We decided to try it on in the stores and buy it as well. After trying on here and there, size 6 was perfect and I was over the moon knowing that now I own these shoes. THESE SHOES ARE MY GORGEOUS BABY and totally worth the money.

Inside, I opened this at home, there was a Glamour Puss bag, two extras of top-peice heel and a small card that said:

Dear Customer,

Thankyou for choosing our product. Our shoes are made with natural leather and the finest quality materials which are mostly hand made. Slight marks and colour variations are not considered as a product defect, both are inherent characteristics of the product nature.

And at the back there were care instructions.


The box:

The Shoes: (NO FLASH)


My sister and I went downstairs towards Target and we saw my two babes with their family hahhaha it was sooo surprising :)

In Target, my sister and I both bought some bras and we went around to some more shops before going back up to bra n things. I bought a silicon strapless bra thing and my sister bought some underwear.

Then we headed home and it was around 4:30 and because we were lazy to deal with the car we ended up paying $12.00 for parking fee.

And now I am exhausted from shopping and finish cleaning my room but (sigh) I was not suppose to spend money and today look at what I bought:

- a dress
- a pair of shoe
- two earrings
- 3 bras

(sigh) thats why I dont want to go shopping because I end up spending .....

Oh wells, shopping spree once in a while is okaiis


With love,