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In my dream/future house .....
When moi thinks about her future house ... she wants these following things to be there:

1. A walk in wardrobe ... I don't mind if its the cosy design or the modern design because I love them both but I do absolutely envy Mariah Carey's wardrobe ... it looks so luxurious and royal :P ... Look at all her shoes and I bet there was more.

2. A spa tub ... instead of a bathtub I want a spa tub .... more leaning towards the ones that are cornered instead of the round ones as I find it more hmmm relaxing when its more enclosed rather than in the middle of the bathroom.

3. A canopy bed with curtains hanging down ... it seems so dreamy that I love it. I want a canopy bed with the curtains hanged in a beautiful way so I can sleep in a safe, dreamy environment.

4. Hammock like the cocoon ones where its nice and big and be place in the backyard :) or even just the simple ones where you lie on them.

5. Swing chairs ... I LOVE ... I love sitting on them and slowly swing on it and look at the stars in the sky ....or admire the sun in the daytime.

6. A vanity desk for my face products ... makeup ... brush etc

and thats all I have for now ...

With love,