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A few days ago ....
Few days ago went to Liverpool with family on shopping night.

My mum and I went off ourselves and shopped for clothes for my mum because she never does! She always on the go buying stuff for my siblings. We went through some stores and stopped by Bardot in which she bought she tops hahahha those two tops definitely beautified her youth and I was gobsmacked in the change room because she looks so much younger and have the same fashion sense as my sister.

We then went to Events, in which I had to take a few minutes to figure out which shop she wanted to go to because she kept saying EVEN (sigh) and i was like ohhhh you mean EVENTS. There we went to the change rooms. She picked quite a few tops for a party on boxing day and I went by and saw this gorgeous long strapless dress with colours of black and pink and others but OMG it was DAMN gorgeous when I tried it on and I didn't want to take it off (sigh) It was on sale as well..... I know its early but I wanted that to be my formal dress but Mum said no .... :( ... lets move on before I feel sad again from thinking about how gorgeous that dress was.

We were in there and an asian lady was on the phone and she was like Im in EVEN and i was like ohhh no wonder why my mum said EVEN. My mum chose two tops and we bought them. We went to Forever New with its sale buy one get one free. My mum chose this nice silk top and I picked out a vest.

Soon after we went home because Dad was exhausted from work and didn't want to shop anymore or even eat in there since every fastfood outlet was pack so we headed off to Lansvale instead and ate McDonalds.

My parents had coffee, siblings their happy meals and I had a chocolate frappe. Behind us on the TV, was the Mummy Returns playing and man I haven't watched that in ages. Love the Mummy series. While waiting for the food at the counter, I envy the role of the boss because you have so much control hahahahha the boss, which was a female, was wow so picky with the guy employee lets say a bit intimidating hahahha like for example

someone ordered the dinner meal and she was saying quickly what was in it and the guy confirmed it and repeated whats in it and he said sweet n sour sauce and she was like theres no sauce in here. If there was I would know. Where is the sauce? .... why didn't you put in sauce. Then she went on about how the customers will be unsatisfied and they will scream at not her but him.

Then she went to ask me if i needed anything and I was like yea the coffee. She was like wheres the coffee. I dont see the coffee. You havent made the coffee and he replied i was going to do it and she did it herself. then she was like to him from the mccafe or here on the machine etc and i was like wow its sooo nice to be a boss.

I was looking at the machine and it went crazy and i was like omg hmmmm i wonder if the coffee is going to be ok. I brought it out to parents. After a long time, my mum finally drank hers and it was funky hahahah the froth was really thick and chunky and we opened my dads and he drank all of that and he was like no wonder why it tasted weird. I was like why didnt you tell me so I could change it for you. SHowed it to them and the chick from the cafe changed the coffees for us.

Went home and ...... cant remember the rest

oh i also went into Equip and bought a necklace and these animals studs which were sooo cute!

Here are some photos with my updated change of how my jewelery box looks. I dont have much stuff but I will one day hahaha especially with my rings X_X (damn i lost one though... somewhere at home)

My animal earrings hahha theres rabbit, giraffe, ladybug, frog, pig, monkey, duck, elephant and cat. They are sooo cute! On the top are my three most precious rings. On the right side are my two other rings that I value deeply. Then there are gifts from my girls that I will always love.

With love.