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End of Year SALE
Yesterday went shopping with the girls and babes to the city and we went to Westifields, since I really want to check out it's new interior and shops.

Met at Fairfield in the morning @ 8am but ended up going to Cabra to access the Bankstown line to go directly to Town Hall.

Arriving at town hall, we stopped at QVB at I was busting to go to the toilet but couldn't stop myself from shopping @ QVB. We went in Colette, Diva, Calvin Klein underwear, Guess and I think thats all before going to the toilets X_X At Diva I bought a new blue flower ring which is sooo pretty since its big, bold and beautiful for $5 too.

At Westifields, we went from level to level and good things don't have my size. SIGH! Very high class at the city with very matured clothes so Westifields at the city is more for formal occasions and wanting to buy rare things .... other than that I rather go to the Westifields down here thats more suited for my needs.

We went in typo and I bought a book and calendar both 50% off and loving it. Before that, there was some stalls in the middle which had some really nice stuff but wasn't my style and this cute dress with no size :( Then this horrible thing happened. My girl wanted some coffee and there was a coffee stall. At two ends there were counters and apparently we were on the wrong end and the guy serving told us to "hold on it would be a minute" so we waited for a bit until we can see that we were on the wrong side because suddenly a bunch of peoples pop up on the other side and got served before us and we were like WTF. My girl lined up again but I didn't allow her to stand there for too long before dragging her off and loudly saying that this place doesn't deserves us and how they just lost two customers from their shitty slow service and plus their work place was disgustingly dirty so don't get your coffees there!

I was upset because they had the most fucken horrible service ever. At least the guy could had told us that we order on the other side and they were just plain slow. SLOW fucken hell man I dont have the time to waste when sales are on and this service is not acceptable in the CITY and its not like thats the only coffee section in the whole westifields. SO we went off.... me still in a fucken shitty mood. Thinking about it makes me sooo angry.

We went to the food courts at QVB and ate before heading off to Myers. hahaaha we spent more than an hour in there because there were so many sales. We looked at the clothes first and unfortunately there wasn't anyhting I liked and when there was there wasn't my size :( (sigh!)
We then took forever to find access to the bras etc hhhaaha but in the end we found it.

Browsing for a very long time, I found 3 that I liked and went to the fitting rooms that had a queue and lucky there was hardly anyone when I waited but omg it was sooo god damn slow there were like 10 fitting rooms and no rooms budge. It was sooo slow and phew the two woman in the front of me were smart to share one since they were friends so that they don't need to wait long so more room for me. Finally in the change rooms, I tried them on and like two but only chose one to buy. Bought this white one (can't remember the brand) but I love it because its soo comfy and sleek.

After myers, we went around westifields a bit more and looked at the whole place already. We continued shopping outside on Pitt street and I bought a shirt and case from Sportsgirl and a T-shirt at Jay Jays where we bump into Anne hahhahaha it was sooo cool to see her again ... but we bumped into each other at the changing rooms and she was going in the one that we went out off so we only said Hi. We also went into Just Jeans, Glue, Valleygirl and Wanted. Had some nice stuff but didn't have my size and especially at Wanted ... saw a pair of shoes that I liked ... had my sized but the display one was really worn out and there wasn't any new ones in stock so I didn't buy it. ( now I realized I had forgotten to go to General Pants uughgh)

We headed off to Seoul Ria to eat and to go chinatown as well. Arriving at Seoul Ria, I was sooo excited to eat since I was starving and have some Ja Jang myun since I love that dish and miss it sooo much. We ordered our most favourite two dish which is the Ja Jang Myun and this chicken one together with Potato Pancake (1st time trying this) and a marinated beef scotch fillet? something like that hahahha

After finishing eating, it was already 4/5 something. We went to morning glory first so that I can buy clips for my sister and man they were so cheap since it was 30% off and I only bought 2 because there wasn't many designs.

Then we went to market city and window shopped for a while before popping to Capitol to take some photos. After photos, went back to market city to grab some stuff and then we headed home.

We started walking home around 7/8 pm cant remember so our legs was exhausted from all the walking and the weather was horrible as it turned cold and windy and most of us pretty much wore shorts and a thin shirt hahhahah but then I was wrapped around in a jacket kekkekekek

With love,