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the 9th of December 2010
A day that I will never forget ....

It all started in the morning. Woken up by mum in the morning, I had to babysit Andy on the car as my mum drove both my siblings to school. Why did I had to go? because Andy loves travelling by car and we had to take him as well. It was raning and my mum didn't want to bring him out of the car so there I was dragged out... still in my PJ's on the car.

After dropping off my siblings at their schools, we went to petrol station before going back home. Then there was a phone call. It was one of my babes. We talked like usual and while I'm still on the phone with her the door bell ringed.

I turned the keys clockwise and OMG! Three familiar figures stood outside my door and it hit me that they were my babes with gifts in their hands to celebrate my birthday.

I was absolutely shocked, surprised and touched to the very core of my heart and invited them inside. I quickly changed into some better clothes and opened up my presents and there were my favouriate cloud lollies, a black ring box display .... perfect for my rings and PRISON BREAK BOX SET.

I was sooo happy and happy is not the word that I can describe how I felt on that day. I felt loved and special and fortunate to have my babes on my birthday.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much that we could do since I had nothing on the wii so we spent the day playing on the wii a bit and watching things for most of the day.

Overall, the day was beautiful as it was being beautified by my three beautiful babes.

Thank-you and I will never forget this day.

With love,