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The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2010
Published by TC Candler of http://www.tccandler.com

The Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Famous Faces has been published, in various formats, every year since 1990... and has been seen by over 15 million people since 2007.

This list is only about beautiful celebrity faces. Unlike the Maxim, FHM, Askmen & People lists, it is not based on the "sexiest", "hottest" or "best body". As this is an international list with input from all over the world, you may discover some relatively unfamiliar faces from the far corners of the earth. Despite fame being a prerequisite, it is certainly not based purely on public popularity. There will definitely be a few big name exclusions because of the specific criteria evaluated — Some who would make the "sexiest" lists may not be known for their facial aesthetic. Over 75 countries have been represented in the Top 100 over the years.

The Top 100...

100. Penelope Cruz (can't wait to see her in the new priates movie!)
99. Esti Ginzburg
98. Yulia Volkova
97. Isla Fisher
96. Frankie Sandford
95. Pixie Lott
94. Faye Reagan
93. Naomi Watts
92. Lyndsy Fonseca
91. Madison Welch
90. Rachel Bilson
89. Hayden Panettiere (Heroes star - very gorgeous girl)
88. Natalie Tran (communitychannel) (OMG she made it and she is a Vblogger! AUSSIE TOO)
87. Bar Refaeli
86. Margarita Levieva
85. Karen Alloy (spricket24)
84. Meghan McCain
83. Lady Gaga (awesome pop artist who treats her fans soo awesome)
82. Katherine Heigl (I LOVE her acting she is soooo good)
81. Heather Graham
80. Melissa Theuriau
79. Kelly Rowland
78. Evangelline Lilly
77. Cheryl Tweedy Cole
76. Emmanuelle Chriqui
75. Jessica Biel (Twilight star I think she acts as Jessica? Bellas posh friend)
74. Victoria Pendleton
73. Hayley Marie Norman
72. Paz Vega
71. Katharine McPhee
70. Katherine Jenkins
69. Andrea Corr
68. Justine Ezarik (iJustine)
67. Anna Kendrick
66. Emma Roberts
65. Ophelia Lovibond
64. Megan Fox (she is super hot but now meh.... her face had changed :( )
63. Vanessa Minnillo
62. Bryce Dallas Howard
61. Emmy Rossum
60. Giovanna Mezzogiorno
59. Ashley Greene (loving her as Alice from twilight. She is so beautiful)
58. Laura Ramsey
57. Kiira Korpi
56. Amy Macdonald
55. Kerry Washington
54. Rachel Hurd Wood
53. Jessica Alba (a mother that is hot as always and great acting skills)
52. Kristen Bell (love everything about her and especially her voice in GG)
51. Katy Perry (oh I LOVE HER SONGS and her as well)
50. Jennifer Connelly (acting is superb. she is awesome)
49. Demi Lovato (disapprove she is so boring)
48. Charlize Theron
47. Victoria Justice
46. Lindsay Lohan (disapprove she is so boring)
45. Michelle Ryan
44. Marley Shelton
43. Rachel McAdams (gorgeous lady... I LOVE HER)
42. Scarlett Johansson (gorgeous lady as well ... looking forward for more movies starring her)
41. Preity Zinta
40. Erin Cummings
39. Blake Lively (Our classic GG chick - I love her acting)
38. Maggie Grace
37. Jessica Pare
36. Mia Kirshner
35. Olivia Thirlby
34. Anne Hathaway (gorgeous lady... I LOVE HER)
33. Nozomi Sasaki
32. Hayley McQueen
31. Kate Winslet (respectable actress)
30. Nicola Roberts
29. Silvia Battisti
28. Emily Browning
27. Lena Katina
26. Meagan Good
25. Monica Bellucci
24. Carice Van Houten
23. Diora Baird
22. Sophia Bush (shes the john tucker must die chick whos into saving animals :P I love her acting)
21. Sienna Miller
20. Rachel Weisz
19. Emily Blunt
18. Song Hye Kyo (THE FIRST KOREAN and omg I LOVE HER)
17. January Jones
16. Rihanna
15. Rose Byrne
14. Natalie Portman
13. Keira Knightley (she is beautiful and her acting is sooo good)
12. Marion Cotillard
11. Kate Beckinsale
10. Christina Hendricks
9. Amanda Seyfried (she is sooo pretty... and shes getting more and more famous)
8. Emily DiDonato
7. Alice Eve
6. Freida Pinto
5. Alison Brie
4. Leighton Meester (I LOVE HER she is beautiful and acts so well )
3. Tamsin Egerton
2. Emma Watson (she is beautiful and her acting is awesome ... we will always remember her in HP)
1. Camilla Belle

With love,