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Teenage Dream
When I was a young girl, I dreamt of being a princess and finding my prince charming, meeting a unicorn, sitting on clouds and being a power ranger. Everyone had a childhood dream or fantasy, at least I hope, but as we grow older we know that these cannot become true.

How about your teenage dream?

Well this is moi’s teenage dream .....

When I grow older I want to be a young mother and have at least two children before the age of thirty

I want to marry a man, that loves me and makes me feel special all the time, in Sydney’s Cathedral while the Canon song is played and go on a honeymoon to some country like Europe or Paris

I want to live in a spacious house, double story with a really big garden and have a fountain at the front yard or back

I want a walk in wardrobe filled with branded clothing, shoes and bags, neatly sorted and displayed

I want to work in a sky rise building with my own office doing business work that I love or I want to be a beauty therapist and work in a spa resort

I want to laser my body to get rid of my hairy genes and be more confident with my body

And now.....

I don’t want to have children.... why? its because I enjoy my freedom and independence... I always thought I wanted children but after dealing with just my siblings.... im just turn off by having children. Yes its fun to play with them, yes it makes you happy yes to many things but I love being independent more and with children you are restricted in so many different ways and to be selfish I don’t want that... so now I dont want children... its just too stressful and you don’t have time for yourself

hahhaha getting married in the Cathedral? nah not anymore .... it doesn’t matter where I get married ... whats important to me is that my spouse and I are happy and having each other is more than enough .... and the honeymoon is still a must hhahaha but it doesn’t have to be Europe or Paris .... anywhere besides Australia and i’ll be fine

I don’t want to live in a big house anymore ... I want to live in a small cosy house that have simple things .... as long as the person I love is there with me I don’t care if the house is not as glamourous or big

I still want a walk in wardrobe but the collection inside doesn’t have to be all branded ... it just have to have the things that I truly love and treasure

I still want to work in a sky rise building with my own office doing business work that I love or I want to be a beauty therapist and work in a spa resort

I still want to laser my body

With love,