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Retreat 27th of October - 29th of October
Sorry about this very late recap and moi's absences of posting on this blog but moi is too tired these days and had only recovered recently.

Retreat was a beautiful experience of learning and growing as a better person. Although there were obstacles on the way and a clear vision of the future that is to come, we were able to enjoy our last moments of being together and away from the reality of education.

Day 01:

We traveled to our destination and soon arrived within an hours time. We took a year group photo before heading out to the grass and play ice breakers in the bloody heat. I was so hot that I was melting in my shorts and t-shirt. Then, we had a mission of finding our activity groups through our missing puzzles and I found my group.... To my surprise my fate with some people are so 'beautiful' that I want to cry.

Next, we were greeted into the dining room, in which mobiles were confiscated already, and the incident of 'bitch and witch' was established and caught on camera. We had morning tea and headed off to our cabins. We took the longest way ever to find our cabin number... not to mention the many flight of stairs that we took. We found our cabin. Where was it? The highest level of cabins there are in the resort! But I like it up there, the scenery was beautiful and it was peaceful ... away from all of the other cabins. We had the teachers next door to us but we had nice teachers so we weren't worried.

Spending time taking photos was nice, we had to come back down and do activities? I cannot remember what we did :P Oh yeah... we had a performance and it was awesome. The teachers were so funny and lovely.

Before going to bed, we prayed the rosary and it was beautiful as we sat around a lit rosary from the candles. I was sitting infront of a section of the candles and when it was my turn to lit them up X_X my hands were shaking hhhaha.

At night, it took us forever to set up a comfortable environment for us girls to play cards but we did it in the end. We played uno, bloody mary and 13 until 2amish before everyone headed for their beds. During our games, our torture was just beautiful and memories that will not be forgotten. I could'nt sleep the whole night so I stayed up until 5am before I slept for a bit. hahhaha that night was the best night ever in my life. It was just unfortunate that I did'nt know who I was and what my heart was telling me .... but now I know and Im really happy.

Day 02:

A day of reflections, activities and entertainment from our lovely teachers. I was greeted with my time of the month and cramps that embraced me tightly for the whole day. My mood was fuck up and that lead to a horrible incident for my babes but it was solved. Im sorry to all my babes that had to suffer because of my impatience and mood. It happened during break but soon after we enjoyed our time. Unfortunatly, time told us to continue with the program and we had to leave.

We had a small liturgy of reflection and it was really peaceful as every girl wrote their sin/s on a glove. We were given the opportunity to have confession with our awesome Fr Mac but the wait for confession was horrible as the line was all messed up, even though me and my babe was in line first, and in the end we waited for over an hour. Luckily, the school captain was generous to let us in first.

After dinner, which was yummy, we had mass and then a movie night. We were allowed back to our cabins and changed and I grasp the opportunity to shower. Wow throughout this retreat, I had to quickly shower and change like crazy inside the cabins hahhaha my girls will know what Im talking about. The movie was okay a bit boring but it was so uncomfortable because there was no where to lie down. (sigh)

Movies finished and back to cabins. Our groups plan was to wake up around 1 hour later after light outs and do all nighters since many girls were up for it but then because of me, the one who was to suppose to wake everyone up, fell into a deep sleep. The last time I looked at the time it was 11:34pm. I told myself give it another 10 minutes and the next minute when I realized that I fell asleep it was already 5:30am. DAMMIT I was so angry with myself for wasting such a night on sleeping. GOD MAN I WAS IN A DEEP SLEEP.

(sigh) my confidence went against me and I was dying because of my stupidity. It was morning which means day 3 and the last day here at retreat. I was sad because I didnt want to leave. The morning hahhaa I was very cheeky because I did not want to get up and only lie there.

Day 03:

Activities, slide shows and more food was done. We prepared to leave and go back to school.



Retreat was a experience that will be remembered.
A time that we had grown. A time that we had learn. A time that we had played. A time that we had found ourselves or on our way there. A time that we escaped from our problems. A time that we escaped from reality. A time that had been captured on cameras.

Retreat helped moi to understand the group better. To see how closer we are and to see how fragile we are. It helped me to see how a person can have an impact on others. Through retreat, I forgave myself and with the help of retreat I followed my heart. Im happier now.

With love,