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I'm happier now ....
Moi had been pondering over this post for quite some time now. A lot had happened and I am still completely amazed and surprised to what had happened. The thing that I know for sure is that this is the best decision I had made so far this year. I don’t regret any of it. The journey ahead will be filled with warmth, happiness and joy but at the same time it would be filled with obstacles, hardships and tears. That's a fact that moi is confident about and is aware of.

Smiling while breathing heavily, Moi will often sit back and think “How did this all happened? When did this all happened?”. Moi would reminisce as well. The memories, the experience, the sadness, the happiness, the excitement ... everything (well things that I remember X_X).

Then there would be the ‘what-if‘ moments. What if this happened ....? What if that happened ....? How would I reaction ....? What would I do ....? Would I pursue or not pursue...?

(laughs) then there is the beauty of music .... “Just like Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; So is Music to the ears of a listener. The phenomenon of music, plays on the strings of the heart of people across the world, and is creating a universal song.” Music makes me smile more now and the beauty of it, is that it brings people together and helps oneself to express themselves. Music reminds you of someone, something, some place .... it all depends on you. Music for moi reminds me of someone. Songs like

Bruno Mars - Talking to the Moon
Jason Chen - One girl in a million (by Neyo) cover
Far East Movement ft Ryan Tedder - Rocketeer

just to list a few :)

This post moi had spent too much time on and only to see a few lines typed on the screen .. Why is it so hard to do this post? (laughs)

Nevertheless, music is not only the key thing that is making me happy but human traits of understanding, love, patience, forgiveness, courage and loyalty plays a big role in my happiness. WIthout these traits, moi would not have grown and moi would not have the courage to do anything.

Although moi is selfish and had hurt others so much, moi had always been forgiven. Moi is thankful for that. Thank you for always being forgiving.

Although moi is simple minded and does not understand and think a lot, moi had always been understood. Moi is thankful for that. Thank you for always being understanding.

Although moi had always been blinded by whats in front of her and never confronted to it, moi had always been love. Moi is thankful for that. Thank you for always wholeheartedly being loving.

Although moi is impatient and hasty towards others, moi had always been given patience. Moi is thankful for that. Thank you for always being patient.

Although moi’s loyalty never shows, moi had always and will be given the chance to show it and moi had always been loyal to. Moi is thankful for that. Thank you for always being loyal.

With love,