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OMG finally moi had bought herself a harddrive after many months of saying it "I'll buy it next time".

Of course I had bought the traditional one that every one uses the Western Digital My Book Essential in which was on sale and I bought it at Dick Smith.

It works beautifully and now I have something to store up all my dramas, videos, pictures etc

Today was such a hot day but I spent most of the time in Neeta City. We drove to Neeta City and it was pretty pack as we didnt find a parking spot until we went up to level 4. We made our way to Big W for the one day sale and unfortunately we didnt get to grab two items that was shown on the catalog; the chocolates and the shoes.

We bought a Lexar 8GB USB since I lost mines, a hat for Andy, two chocolate calendars and my sister bought some of her beauty products. I was going to buy the HP harddrive but it was only compatible on the PC so our next stop was Dick Smith.

Before heading to Dick Smith, I went to a bargain shop to exchange something that I had bought and found a better item than I bought :) We stopped at the shoe shop first before heading down to Dick Smith.

There I bought obviously my harddrive. After buying the harddrive, we went to eat before going to K-mart to exchange my siblings shoes. At K-mart, the design sold out after 2 DAYS ONLY and so I called my mum and she said to just keep it for next year.

We walked back to Neeta City and man was the weather hot...... thank-god I had aircon on my car.

Today.... was a perfect opportunity for me to do something with someone yet something came up and I had to sacrifice it :(

I regret it so much .....

and as a consequence ughhhhh I let my 'magnet loose' and when that happens 'magnets' attract people to them!

(sigh) but there is nothing that I can do :(

With love,