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Ben Hur October 22 2010
hhahahah I know its way past this date but moi had only realized now I haven't blog about the Ben Hur experience on my blog. So here I go, I will try to recount as much as possible. (sorry for the small pics I was tired posting this up and didnt relize how small i upload it X_X but when u click on it its bigger )

On Friday the 22nd of October 2010, I headed off to Fairfield Station to meet up with the teachers, some girls at MMC and my babes to head off to ANZ stadium for Ben Hur. We missed at least 2 trains to wait for these girls but in the end they didn't turn up so we finally hoped on the train. The poor teachers was so bad at directions that we girls did most of the leading on how to get there.

We stopped at Lidcombe station and headed off to the Olympic Park terminal to reach our destination the ANZ. We were greeted with a lot of people who were like us coming to see the live performance of Ben Hur. If you don't know, Ben Hur was a movie and so this is the live performance held in Sydney of the reenactment of the movie. Walking to the stadium, we were greeted with Romanish looking guys who were playing some instruments and man were they loved by everyone. After a few minutes taking photos with the 'mini orchestra', we finally continued walking towards the stadium and through our gates. I bought a program and we were given red scarves before going towards our seats. (image below of the book and red scarf)

Then, we went to our seats which drove us insane because we couldn't find our seats only relizing it was in the middle and our walk through everyone's legs was horrible. We were seated and now we were eagerly waiting for the show to start. From our seats, we had a clear view of the big stage of gorgeous antiques during the Roman times and a brown dirt landscape. Shortly, on the TV screen a clip of the making of Ben Hur was showed to the audience. From the ideas, to the auditions etc, it was totally amazing to how Ben Hur was all put together.

Finally the performance started with these horses galloping in from the side and on the side the throne? was lit up showing the king sitting on his throne. After a while, an army of soldiers came marching in with their adorable Roman costumes and their coordination was lovely.

Throughout the show, the storyline was really dull. The acting was great, the music was awesome, their props and costumes was the best but the storyline was really dull making the show at times boring and out of place.... I even fell asleep at one stage X_X

anyways. there was a scene in which a fight was to take place like wrestling wise and we finally understood what the scarves was for hahhahah the ref guy was sooo funny and down to earth as the audience was involved in the act. My side was red and the other was white. The ref would tell us to wave our scarves to support our teams and everyone was enthusiastic to wave their scarves proudly. It was fun. The red team had really poor sportsmanship as we would boo the whites and in the end, the final result the white team won.

Oh, a
nd there was another scene where the had a horse race on their chariots? is that what its called. anyways the horses was damn amazing as they were train so well and in the end of course Ben Hur won the race.

the horses

The the show ended and we went home and I cant remember what time but it was pretty late. Everyone had a great time and was tired. And it was cold, I remember how cold it was at night since I only wore a dress with a thin cardigan and of course my beautiful heels.

A pic of their costume + some scenes

With love,