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The 6th of November 2010 (aka 11th of November)

Yesterday was Saturday, the 6th of November 2010.

Waking up at 8am, I woke up to get ready for the day. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and changed into my jeans, boots, singlet and pink jumper with my side bag that holds my beloved wallet, phone, mirror, comb and a small key. I walked to the kitchen to make myself a bowl of instant noodles, that was far too hot for my likely, that I ended up only finishing half of it. We (Mum, moi and sister) went off to the that station and I quickly bought my ticket to Paramatta to buy my IPT textbook with my two babes. Meeting my babes on the first carriage of the train, we traveled to Paramatta and the train ride was pretty quick. We then walked to the bookstore that wasn't such a long walk and I found my beloved textbook. From there we parted ways, my babe and I went to the city and my other babes went to Westifields.

Babe and I journeyed to Circular Quay to the Opera House only to be welcomed with this whole construction of setting up for some performance and reading the newspapers, probably it was for the new Ballet that is going to show soon from the 11-29 of november called Edge of Night.... :)
(I really want to go and watch it! It looks really interesting)

So we couldnt go to the Opera house. We then decided to go back to the Darling Harbour side and go to the Chinese Gardens instead. Chinese Gardens was beautiful as always hahhahah I was tired from all the walking in my heel boots though but it was all worth it :)

We walked until we arrived at the waterfall scenery in which something splendid happened hhaahahah (im going to keep this to myself). It was the most happiest moment of my life .... Moi was so happy that I couldn't think right.

A series of events happened (kkekekeke) and then we went to eat. We ordered green tea, a chicken salad and a salmon, cheese, tomato and onion sandwich and a blackberry cheese cupcake (cheese cake in a cup cake form) and omg they were all sooo yummy hahhaha especially when you have the cake last while sipping on tea. ITS AWESOME. And the environment was lovely as well with the ponds and trees and koi fishes and even the rain sprinkling on the surface of the waters :)

The day had on and off rain in which was okaiis since I was warm up and we had an umberella hahhaha at times it was sooo hot but thank god for the wind.

We continued to stay at the gardens for a bit longer before we headed out. We stopped at the park and sat on the paved steps for a while. We then stopped at the waters and sat on the balcony for a while. It was peaceful and beautiful.

Then it was time to go home. We strolled towards townhall station and hopped on the train to go home. hahahhahaaha the train ride was so quick and it was lovely hahhaha Im going to miss that time for sure!

Arrived at Fairfield and babes went off home. I waited for my sister to finish work and mum to pick me up and omg I was busting to go to the toilet. It was not until half an hour later that I arrived home and omg my stomach wanted to burst like crazy.

Home my feet and legs was killing me but it was all worth it. I was really happy and enjoyed the day. I came home with a few more things on me and a change of .......

"thats one secret I'll never tell .... you know you love me xoxo"