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18th of November 2010
oh no, moi haven't been blogging properly these days but I am going to make a proper post now. So many things to say.... where should I start first .....

how about I start with the KPOP world .... haven't been updated lately but OMG I am loving Orange Caramel's new song A-ing! It is so cute and adorable, although it is not as addictive as their previous song, they still maintain everything I love about them and thank-god they didn't crazily change their concepts like some groups such as F-Cuz ... uggh I really dislike those guys. The MV is super adorable and I love their song. MV here:

Now I just need to download their mini album and play it all day.

Besides that, I looked at the winners of the 2010 Style Icon Awards and I am proud and happy for some of the winners but some I feel as if they don't deserve it.

Congratulations to:

Style Icon of the Year: Lee Byung Hun (oh I love this guy he is so hot)

Popularity Award: SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong (wow I am not surprised)

International Style Icon: So Ji Sub (he is even hotter hahhaha)

New Style Icon, Movie Actor: Big Bang’s T.O.P (Choi Seunghyun) (well he's getting there for movie actor .... but not quite yet)

New Style Icon, Singer: CNBlue (oh... why not MBLAQ ... were they even nominated)

Female Singer: 2NE1 (whoohoo go 2NE1)

And this I disapprove

Male Singer: 2PM (why? because im pretty sure there are guys who are better than them because their songs are getting too horrible and boring!)

So Jewelry is going to make a comeback with their two new members because the two main vocalists and the girls who were the foundation of Jewelry went out .... the problem here is that why are they still using that name!

thank-god according to the article their company might change their names and I cant wait for that to happen because Jewelry is not Jewelry anymore if they dont have their original members and it feels as if its a sign of disrespect to their name.

but Im happy now and I am waiting for Seo In Youngs comaback, fingers cross that it wont be ballads since she has a quirky sense of music style that matches her more.

they are working so hard that they wont be attending the MAMA awards which means they won't be up for any awards .... HOW GAY but at least they are working hard like always and making us A+ fans proud of them

So over with the KPOP world lets come and look at the miserable world of school.

So today is the 18th and on the 30th I have a SOR intask with maths exam. Next week my database IPT is due and on the last week of school AOS is due and business.... so all of my subjects I am getting assessed on and OMG ITS THE HSC COURSE

(Sigh) to make it worse I have not done much ..... great more work to do

because of this I have no time for my face at all and its so sad (sigh)

I cant wait till it holidays but holidays I wont be going out much because of school and I will be staying at home most of the times.... sorrys everyone but this holiday is going to be boring because there would be most likely no outings except for maybe Harry Potter.... but you girls go and ahead and have some fun okaiis?

Right Now I am watching the Amazing Race and omg first time ever they are proposing to each other hahhaha Im so happy for them even though I dislike this couple but awwww how romantic..... its funny how they slept in when they are on a race (laughs)

so farewell, moi is going to watch the amazing race..... i might blog later :)

With love,