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What a Bludge
Monday marks the first day of school and today was such a bludge. (sigh) I just want to go to retreat already to get a break from all of THIS and just relax for three days... even if its three days... but YAY! retreat is coming soon.

Today was a bludge because moi was welcomed with business studies first and we are finally starting the HSC course! Which means a new start for moi to actually do her work in class and write in her book, not only that but to do notes early as well. I was excited for the lesson, however Sir decided to go through the syllabus with us and that took most of the lesson. Finally, we were given the chance to write notes and learn but only ended up writing 1 page + 1 flow chart. Yep that sums up my business lesson.

Oh, I forgot to mention our new timetables :) YES! now I have study periods and Im excited for my first study period on Monday and that means time to do work/rest! and studies for the rest of that week as well :D

Then came Maths, Sir wasn't here :( We had a sub and had to do the rest of Chapter 4 ourselves and man it was boring.... ushhihgag I HATE THIS CHAPTER and to make it worse it was a double as well. (sigh)

Religion came and we were given out worksheets that was so weird to do o_O but I love religion because Miss makes it so carefree and we can just relax in the class. I quickly ate my recess since my hunni and I went to our Year Coordinator to address the cabin issues since the numbers were all muddled up but Miss reassured us that she will fix it up and that the list on the boards is not the final copy :) ... so girls dw if yours is wrong because Miss will fix it up

Lunch came and I had a great experience with a lady. She was so down to Earth and we played Uno as well :) she was very nice and comfortable to be around with.

English was last and Miss was absent. We annotated St Patricks with some of my classmates together while moi was in and out of the discussion because I was reading my book for the assignment.

Bell went and it was time to go home.

Bus came a bit late and arrived at the station with my Sister texting me in CAPS and not only that calling me as well when she knows my phone was broken (sigh) She is so impatient.
I was suppose to go and buy pumpkins seeds but the shop .... I couldnt find it ... hmmm Im not sure if it closed or not but Im going to check again once more tomorrow because I might have missed it as I was too lazy to go more down the road and only peep down from where I was standing. (sigh) if its not there then I have to hunt for a place in fairfield....

Why was I peeping down? Because I was rushing to get back to the other side so that my sister wouldnt have to wait too long and lucky I came over in time because she was going to drive off geez so impatient.

Came home and I just laze around, looked after siblings, went on the MacBook and ate.

And there goes for recount of the day... man does it sound boring.... I cant be bothered atm to recount about my passions since I am cap and I might do so soon after I am uncap.

So the recounting is done lets do some reflection:

25th of October 2010

Today was one of those confusing days.... those type of days that questions my position of being a friend. I wonder how can I be someone's best friend when I don't even understand them. I don't understand how a person is feeling or what they are thinking unless they tell me which means it can get frustrating sometimes and especially when I mislead myself into thinking on the path of "its my fault" it makes the situation must worse.

I think to myself of what's the point of thinking this way because it does not benefit any party... it hurts each party instead. So why not stop looking down on onself and be oneself again regardless of how the other party treats you ... just be oneself again......

With love,